You remember that kid in like 4th grade who failed and stayed back a grade..

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Dr. Wall$treet, Nov 15, 2002.

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    hey this analogy came to me today while i was talkign with some freinds. I am applying this year but losing hope fast as i have got rejections from my bottom tier schools already and i was an Aug mcater. Im not giivng up total hope but im already planning on how to improve to apply next summer> anywayi went through all my premed classes and studied mcat wtih the same 2 freinds, and they hvae both been accepted. WE actually alls cored within a point of each other but had differnet state schools and they did differenet ECs etc.
    ANyway i was feeling really ****ty, but i recently found 2 more freinds of mine who are taking MCAT in april and applying next summer, so we coordinated to study together(im taking april mcat again) and we planned to volunteer together and stuff and then all will apply in summer! I honestly feel 100 times better. I think a large part of the stress came from seeing everyone getting in, especially people i knew. But now, i feel great!
    Anyway i felt like the kid who flunked out and had to repeat the grade, making freinds with all the younger kids ha and he is like the cool experienced kid. Funny anyway im not stressing anymore! if i dont get in i dont care a hell of alot!.. but i DO hope i get in! haha
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  3. all the cool kids stay back!
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    good luck wall$treet... just remember, it is still really early to discount all the other schools you applied to/interviewed at. many schools don't make decisions until late spring, and then there's all the waitlist movement over the summer, when more people get in.

    sorry you're feeling poopy :( but don't give up hope at the moment. like you, my lowest two choices both rejected me as well, but i have much more positive responses from my higher choice schools (go figure, right?)... you're a different candidate in the eyes of each school, who, in turn, is looking for the person that would best "fit" at that place. maybe those rejections were your bottom choices because you wouldn't really fit there, it wouldn't be the best place for you, and maybe that came thru in your interviews/applications there. (just tossing ideas out here...) the truth is, many (MANY) of us will have no idea where we're headed, if anywhere, until late spring/early summer, or even later... you're still in the game. :)

    in any case, congrats on your healthy outlook re: doing the app process again next summer. and you're right, if (there's always the 'if') you don't get in, you're taking the right steps to make yourself a more competitive applicant when the cycle comes
    around again. i just don't want you to feel all dispondent and disillusioned quite yet. (sorry for the long-a$$ post!) :)
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    Dr. Wall$treet,

    I know how you feel. Last year I only filled out one secondary because my GPA got totally screwed up by AMCAS and I had no realistic shot of getting in. So I'm technically applying a second time, but I can honestly say it's a lot more fun. Not only do I know what to expect everywhere along the way, but I can sit back and actually enjoy the process to some degree because of my second-time perspective. I hope you do get in this year, but if you don't, at least enjoy the "scenery" the second time around--it really is an exciting time.

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