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Oct 21, 2008
I know there have been posts about this before, but I wanted some reactions to my plans.

I am in my third year of community college right now, graduated high school in 2007. The first year I focused on mainly Computer Science courses to transfer to a bigger university, but after beginning working in a pharmacy and getting some encouragement from our Pharmacists and my cousin (in her 4th year of Pharmacy School) I decided that's what I wanted to do. I want to apply to Samford's Pharmacy School for Fall 2011. I still need Microbiology, Organic 1, Organic 2, and Calculus.

I still have this summer at community college, and then next year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I was originally planning on doing Summer 10 with Calculus 1; then Fall 10 with Organic 1, Physics 1, and Microbiology; and then Spring 11 with Organic 2, Physics 2, and Genetics.

I want to take some classes at UAB just in case I don't get in the first time, so I can meet the requirements for Auburn as well.

I guess I am just 21, and I am feeling like I am running out of time or something. I don't want to overwork myself and become bored out of school because I picked the wrong combination of courses for a semester, but I also want to get done in a timely matter.

Anyway, I'm gonna check again after I get off work, and maybe post some replies myself.



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Jul 29, 2009
Your question is how will your Fall 10 and Spring 11 semesters be?

It is typical for pre-pharm students to take several math/sciences courses together. In Pharmacy school, the work load will be even more so. You need to show the admissions committees that you can handle taking several challenging classes together.

Last semester, I took: O Chem I, Biology I, Physics I, A/P I, Micro Lab
This semester: O Chem II, Biology II, BioChem, A/P II
I already have a degree in a non-related field so I didn't need to take general ed classes right now. Ideally, a pre-pharm student can take a few challenging classes with a few gen ed classes to mix it up. I think the chance of burn out would be less in that situation. If you are 'bored' with taking these science courses, you may want to reconsider your goals.


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Jul 15, 2007
Are you applying for pharmacy school Fall '11 or Fall '12? Cause that might make a difference in how you should schedule your classes. Andy is right, they like to see you take a lot in a short time and do well to see if you can handle a challenging courseload.