1. maybeapedsdoc22

    DAT is 6 days away & 2009 DAT stressing me out :(

    Bear with my poor soul, I think I just really need a confidence boost and some motivation. Bio: 21 GC: 19 OC: 17!!!!!! RC: 20 QR: 17!!!!!!!! PAT: 18 :/ I really need to get a 20+ on my AA and hopefully a 20 on my TS (though I’d be happy with a 19). I am 6 days away and I don’t feel like I can...
  2. M

    2009 DAT practice exam hasn't arrived :(

    I ordered the 2009 practice exam a little over a week ago and paid extra for overnight shipping but I still haven't gotten it and I have my DAT in a week (1-21) :( I realized too late that I should have given MUCH more time for the test to come in the mail but...guess there's nothing I can do...
  3. F

    Just Took 2009 DAT... What to do after?

    I just took the 2009 DAT and i got the same averages I have been getting on all my bootcamp tests except my QR score which was lower. Did anyone else think that the 2009 QR section was very hard? On the real DAT, will there be errors such as in the 2009 DAT because that would be upsetting to...
  4. D

    Just took the 2009 practice DAT... please help

    Hi everyone, I've been viewing SDN often but finally decided to make an account today. My DAT is on the 19th, so in about 3 days. I just took the 2009 DAT and am so disappointed. Any feedback would be great... BIO: 19 GC: 24 OC: 19 PAT: 24 RC: 18 QR: 18 TS: 21 AA: 20 I've studied for about...
  5. Dental24/7

    2009 ADA DAT - "RC"

    Hi guys! I just took the 2009 RC section, just for fun. I know some people have said that this RC is unusually different, harder and more complex detailed - and I agree with that - or I was just really tired taking this RC exam at 12 am. Any input? Are the DAT passages this complex as the 2009...
  6. P

    2009 ADA Exam

    My exam is in a week and I just took the 2009 ADA exam. I didn't do that well, and I was wondering if you guys think I should push back my exam? TS:20 PAT:21 RC: 18 QR:19 I don't know my science breakdown cause I took the online version of the exam. I usually do well (20+) on both reading and...
  7. A

    DAT 2009 QR

    When taking the 2009 DAT QR section, I had trouble with all of those reflection questions. Do I need to study these before my test? And could someone maybe explain how to do them or a good site to use to look them up? Thank you in advance!
  8. F

    2009 ADA DAT Practice Test Breakdown

    Hey guys, I take my DAT in like less than two weeks, I kind of went ahead of myself and I took the 2009 practice test. I only did four of the sections however Bio: 22 GenChem: 21 OrgChem: 22 PAT: 20 I don't know if I'm good condition or not, and heres why.. this is my second time doing this...
  9. F

    How similar is the 2009 ada dat compared to real

    Thanks guys, would love your experience
  10. F

    #44 2009 ADA DAT test

    Can someone please explain this, I'm getting so frustrated +pissed+