1. discodaleks

    518 MCAT - 3.62 cGPA, 3.46 sGPA Texas Resident

  2. M

    Free MCAT guide from a 518 scorer

    Hi everyone! I used to be a student studying for MCAT just like you and I too often used these forums. I really struggled with MCAT as a whole but after 1000 hours of studying I was able to pull of a 518(129,129,132,128). Through all my time studying I found that that there was just so much...
  3. F

    MD Chances for TX schools: 4.0/518

    I've been reading on SDN for a long time, but this is my first actual post. I'm going into my final year of undergrad, and I am hoping to get advice on how to improve my application. I am somewhat nontraditional (I actually don't know whether my app is considered nontraditional or how it exactly...
  4. D

    MD School List Help - nontrad, Wisconsin, 3.87 sGPA, 518 MCAT

    I'm a non-traditional, and I hope to apply only once. I'm constructing this school list to maximize acceptances - my secondary goal is a full or partial scholarship. Any feedback on schools with non-traditional preferences, less weight given to recent clinical experiences, or scholarship...
  5. L

    Shot at 520+?

    Hey everyone! I'm signed up for Jan 28th, and I wanted to get some feedback on how I was doing, and if 520+ is possible. NS Half-length: 508 (125,129,126128) AAMC Official Questions: 72% (82%, 60%, 75%, 71%) NS 3: 511 (128,125,129,129) AAMC 1: 517 (131,128,130,128) Bio 1 Q Pack: 85% That's...
  6. I

    School list suggestion please: cGPA3.7 sGPA3.7 MCAT 518,

    Sincerely appreciate help with school list. In addition to the above stats, Asian male, CA, just completed MS in Biology from top tier West Coast school, GPA 3.8, recent publication in top tier science journal, Re-applicant., will be doing medical research as I apply to schools. north of 500...