1. N

    Question From a Social Work Student

    Hello all! I have posted here countless times in the past trying to decide whether to major in psychology or social work and whether to go for LMHC or an MSW program. I am currently a BSW student going into my second to last semester in the program and I am confident that I will be able to get...
  2. psychjc

    What are the options for clinical psychology work abroad (outside the US)?

    Hi all! I'm currently a 5th year clinical psychology Ph.D. student who will be starting my predoctoral internship program this summer (which is a little more research-oriented than average). My wife works remotely and has some interest in us potentially living and working abroad (either...
  3. ThatPsyGuy

    Professors/Faculty, How Did You Get Where You Are?

    I recently finished up with some interviews for PhD programs (I believe I did great and I may be getting offers soon). I had some great conversations with a lot of the faculty and working in academia came up frequently. I was always interested in being a professor but after the interviews, it's...
  4. confused undergrad

    DMD vs DMD/PhD?

    For students who want to go into academic dentistry and do research/teach, I am wondering, why do they opt for DMD/PhD if they can do research/teach with "just" a DMD? I understand that DMD/PhD is fully funded, but it takes more time, which seems like a deterrent to me. I suppose doing a DMD/PhD...
  5. G

    Is BU Pathology retiring?

    In the "open positions" thread, which BU Pathology pretty much single-handedly maintains, I think his own job is posted. Several thoughts come to mind. Is this really true, or am I misinterpreting the post? Perhaps someone hacked his account and is trolling Dr. Remick. I cannot find his age...
  6. C

    Gap year humanities/non-STEM opportunities that are not service?

    I'm not particularly interested in the conventional options available for pre-med gap years (e.g. biomedical/clinical research, volunteering, clinical work, etc.), which means that the resources available to me are also fairly limited, and I'm not quite sure where to even start. My personal...
  7. PellsBells93

    Internships & Residency for Internal Medicine

    I am a third year vet student looking for advice on internships and residencies in internal medicine in academia vs private practice. What are the pros and cons? Thank you!
  8. P

    Impact of publishing low impact papers on future academic career

    I have a question for those further on in their dermatology training and/or applying for positions in academia: I am a medical student interested in dermatology. At this stage, I would obviously love to publish prolifically. One of our attendings is notorious for publishing esoteric case...
  9. CLpsycho

    Feeling trapped by academia. How can I get out?

    What are some post-fellowship career options for psychiatrists who want to escape from academia and put together a work-life balance that allows one to focus on family? This question has been eating away at me for months now, and I hope someone can share a bit of wisdom with me. Apologies for...
  10. akb1011

    No idea what I'm doing... in desperate need of advice. Please.

    Hi everyone. I am currently a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in biopsychology. I have an intense interest and passion for brain science, neuroscience, neurobiology, neuropsychology, etc. However, I am very confused on what grad program and career I should choose. I am a...
  11. P

    Specialization best poised (expertise/culture) to lead translation of Tissue Engineering next 30yrs?

    Which surgical specialty/sub-specialization will be best poised to exert leadership in this emerging area of the field, and why is it a cut above the others for the next ~30yrs? Curious what people think off the cuff. Any evidence you can cite/share? Caveat: if answering CT, myocardium...
  12. P

    Academic Rank List

    Looking for some input for ranking the programs below. Context is me being interested in academics and research as well as a fan of outdoors/nature. Alphabetically: NYU, Stanford, UCSD, UPMC, UTSW, U. Utah, Vanderbilt
  13. MrEThePharmD

    Student Research

    Hi all! This is actually my first post on SDN since joining, I've been a bit lethargic lately due to class and work and this has seeped into my willingness to do anything but work or study SO I'm finally getting around to getting acclimated here. I was wondering; are there any pharmacy...
  14. CalendarJ


    Hey All, I'm a second-year undergraduate. I'm looking into doing MD/PhD, so research is a big part of my life right now (and hopefully will continue to be). Anyways, I've been writing much more than I used to. Lots of personal statements/questions for scholarship apps and internships and even...
  15. H

    MCATprep without full class schedule. Is that OK?

    Hi all, To give you quick context of my situation: I'm a junior preparing to for the 2017 med school application cycle. I technically began studying for the MCAT last June--but I didn't start hardcore, intense studying yet. Hopefully I'll take the MCAT in the spring (March the earliest, June at...
  16. L

    MD/PhD or PhD or PhD/post doc for aging research

    Hello forum. I want to do research in biology of aging (understanding oxidative stress and genetic components of aging). I did my Bachelor's in US. Currently my option is doing MD/PhD (5 yrs) in South Korea or doing PhD or PhD+Post doc (3 or around 6-7 yrs) in Europe. After education, I wish to...
  17. P

    Part-time Pharmacist and Chemistry lecturer?

    I am about to graduate college with a degree in chemistry, and I plan to apply to pharmacy schools this summer. Question: Is it reasonable to expect that one day I will be able to make money as a (retail) pharmacist part-time, and also teach chemistry at the college level? Background: My...
  18. C

    PGY-1 good for academia/ hopeful future faculty

    Anyone a PGY-1 resident (or know a PGY-1 resident) whose program is great for students who would like to eventually become a faculty member at a pharmacy school? I am looking for programs that make you primary preceptor for an IPPE student, offer a teaching certificate, assign a faculty advisor...