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  1. B

    Academic Update: Is it necessary?

    Are all applicants required to submit an updated transcript on OptomCAS? I know that some schools require official transcripts once you have chosen to attend anyway. If someone already has been accepted to schools, is it necessary to resubmit to OptomCAS, or can they just send in the official...
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  3. A

    AADSAS Academic Update

    I am curious to know whether the academic update is required or not. I took a lot of upper level classes such as anatomy and biochemistry. Unfortunately I fell sick due to sinus problems for a while which impacted my GPA tremendously. I applied with a 3.5 but now my GPA fell to 3.35. I have...
  4. D

    Academic Update

    Hi SDN, I totally messed up and was so excited to enter my new grades for the academic update that I forgot to post my planned courses for spring.. and I already hit submit. Would this be detrimental to my application? Should I send each school the courses I will be taking in spring? Thanks in...
  5. ucfknight7

    Academic Update

    My GPA is very average or even below average which is ~3.3. I just finished taking 4 science courses which I have received all A's in. My question is, would this academic update help me hear back from schools I have heard nothing from and potentially land me a post December interview? My sGPA...
  6. F

    B+ and C+ in summer classes, when should I send Academic Update?

    Hello everyone! I am applying to D.O. schools only for admission in Fall of 2018. Here are my stats thus far before I explain my question: 3.59 cGPA 3.60 sGPA MCAT 517 (95th) - Chem/Phys 97th %, CARS 90th %, Bio/Biochem 75th%, Psych/Soc 100th% Major-Biomedical Engineering, Minor Biology...
  7. D

    Application Timing

    Hello! I'll be finishing my masters in the first week of July and final grades will be posted no later than one week after that, so my question: should I delay submitting my application until I get my completed transcript or submit now? I'm worried that if I submit now and my GPA gets verified...
  8. HopefulDoc91

    When to submit application?

    Applications open this Thursday, May 4th. I've been planning on submitting right when they open this week. But recently I've been thinking about holding off. I know once I submit all the coursework is locked and you can't update until the next academic update, which is usually in the fall. I am...
  9. B

    Academic update mandatory?

    Hey guys! Are academic updates on AADSAS application/website mandatory? I did just fine during my fall semester but I never imputed my grades into my application. Is this bad? Or does it not really matter?
  10. L

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS Academic Update

    I had a question about the academic update. I've already submitted my updated fall grades and the classes for next semester. HOWEVER, I realized that I entered the wrong course in transcript entry for one of the programs I applied to and I already sent my application. I wanted to replace the...
  11. G

    Dropping a class after academic update?

    I was originally enrolled in a Developmental Psych class this semester, and I indicated this when I submitted my academic update to PTCAS. However, neither of the 2 schools I am now considering require the class. I wasn't particularly excited about it and I don't need it for my major, etc. My...
  12. someguy313

    Academic Update, official transcripts?

    Hello all I recently updated my grades on OptomCAS. What I am asking is do I need to send in another copy of my official transcript to verify everything again? Thanks
  13. M

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS Academic Update

    Is anyone else having trouble with academic update? Every time I try to uncheck the "Planned/In Progress" box and save it, it says "A system error occurred, Please contact system administrator." I already emailed OTCAS because their phone line was too busy, but I just wondering if anyone else...
  14. L

    Fall Grades Update

    Hi All, So I applied this cycle, interviewed at my state school and Louisville, waitlisted at Louisville and heard nothing back from my state school (Uni of Tennessee Health Science Center/UTHSC). From what I've heard they start making the waitlist in January. Now my question is, I made...
  15. F

    Retaking Courses During Application Cycle

    I have already submitted primaries and secondaries to all my schools for this cycle but am thinking about retaking some classes. Should I let schools know that I am going to take a few classes or wait until I get the grades and send them? I won't be done with the courses until March 2016. I...
  16. F

    Retaking Courses During Application Cucyle

    I have already submitted primaries and secondaries to all my schools for this cycle but am thinking about retaking some classes. With the three classes I plan on retaking, my cGPA would go from 3.25ish to a 3.49 and my sGPA would go from a 3.0 to a 3.25 if I get all As. That would obviously make...