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    MD/PhD and MD-only at specific schools?

    Hello everyone, I know there have been a few threads on this topic in the past, but I can't seem to find a concrete answer to squelch my concerns! My overarching question is this--is there a way to know if applying to MD/Ph.D. and MD-only at particular schools won't hurt my chances at an...
  2. F

    Do I still have a chance?

    Hello, I am a senior in college with a bit of an unusual story that got me where I am today. I started college at one of the top liberal arts schools as a poli sci major intending to go into politics. After my freshman year, one of my parents was diagnosed with a terminal illness and that's...
  3. F

    biotech VC

    looking to work for a biotech VC next summer in NYC/SF. Do you think med schools would look down upon that to doing something clinically-based? Please let me know. Thanks. wasn't sure if adcoms have a stigma against "business" of healthcare
  4. D

    Worst and Best Interview or Admissions Process 2018

    Interview seasons is behind now and the stories are still fresh. I am hoping this would be a semi-light-hearted kind of thing to get some thing off the chest/vent maybe. Worst 2018 goes to University of Tennessee in Memphis closely followed by Mayo in Rochester. UTHSC was the most...
  5. N

    My friend told me this... is it a myth, or true?

    I was told by a friend that if you are above a certain GPA (she says a 3.6), you are put in a separate pool of applicants when it comes to medical school admissions looking at your apps? Is this true? I have also heard that if you are below a certain GPA, your app will be thrown out. I am...
  6. C

    Non-Traditional Applicant Situation - Returning From the Workforce

    I'm looking to get some honest feedback regarding my chances (in the forum's collective view) of getting into a decent MD program given my particular situation. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. I have my undergrad degree in Finance and graduated 3 years ago. I've been working full-time...
  7. K

    MD Wet Lab vs. Clinical Research?

    Will it be at my disadvantage to not have wet lab experience when applying to medical school? I am currently an RA at a UCSF clinical research center. My plan is to continue to work in this sphere, but should I also have wet lab experience? Does it matter?
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  9. bookworm_92

    Wondering the reason for my post interview rejection at KCUMB :(

    Hey Y'all, I'm a Texas resident who applied to all Texas Schools and about 9 DO schools. I knew I wasn't a competitive applicant for MD schools but I thought I had stats decent enough to get me into DO schools. Well I got secondaries from all DO schools and I got invited for interviews to one...
  10. S

    AMCAS Using a Match System

    I am the furthest from being an admissions expert, and this might come off as a dumb question, but as someone going to through the ups and downs of admissions season I have been wondering is there has ever been any discussion of incorporating a match system to the AMCAS like the residency match...
  11. S

    Don't particularly enjoy biology as major. Is Movement Science okay to switch to?

    So I'm a junior pre-med student who is majoring in Biology. I am contemplating switching to Movement science because i LOVED my anatomy class. I am so much more interested in the way the human body works and would rather focus on this for the rest of my time in undergrad rather than looking at...
  12. D

    Do medschools see how many others you've applied to?

    Title says it all. Can schools see how many other schools I've applied to? I'm pretty sure they can't, but every now and then I'll hear someone mention that they can.
  13. kmae

    Does legacy extend to grandparents and/or great grandparents?

    My paternal grandfather received his medical degree from West Virginia University and then was an attending/professor of radiology at the University of Virginia for about 40 years. He's retired now, but I think he's still a donor, though I'm not entirely certain. Also, both of my paternal...
  14. beyoutiful_sunshine

    How much does the essay REALLY matter?

    I'm getting ready to submit my PTCAS application and the last thing I'm working on is the main PTCAS essay as well as the supplemental essay for one of my schools. I'm spending a lot of time on those essays making sure they are a good reflection of my writing skills, my personality and my desire...