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    Agnes Scott Post-Bacc Pre-Med 2020-2021

    Hello, I recently applied for Agnes Scott's Post-Baccalaureate program. I wanted to start this thread for other applicants to support each other - that includes previous applicants and those waiting for a response. If you have any questions about the program that have not been answered yet...
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    Would you suggest to continuously review course material from anatomy, genetics, etc. to help lighten learning load in medical school?

    This may be a dumb question, I’m sorry. I was just wondering if it would be beneficial to me to review courses, such as; anatomy, genetics, cell bio, physiology, biochemistry, etc. I have read about a lot of Medical Students who said that taking these classes helped them when they were having...
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    Incoming Freshman - Pre-Med GPA at Duke

    Hi everyone, I am planning on attending Duke in the fall for my undergraduate degree. I have heard that Duke classes are incredibly difficult (but you do learn a ton academically from the rigor of the courses) and that the university is notorious for weeding out pre-meds due to grading on the...
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    MD & DO 3.6 GPA 3.51 sGPA 512

    I need help in making a list to different medical schools. So far I'm applying to all the schools in Arizona and Louisiana. I have in-state in both: born and raised in Louisiana moved to AZ for college; but, still also LA in-state due to my parents living there and all of my other family. Now...
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    what are my chances? CA/US 3.5GPA 510MCAT

    Hi guys, Sorry I meant Canada & US not California xD 3.5 GPA (OMSAS scale), 510 MCAT 131/125/125/129 - this is my only MCAT (although I voided a test 3 years ago, which is the previous version) I was consistently getting 127+ for CARS and 130+ for BIO during prep but had an anxiety attack :(...
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    Personal Statement - Am I Getting too Personal?

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    In January of 2015, I was diagnosed with pediatric non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I had been interested in studying medicine prior to that. I'm thinking about PA school, MD, school, or a graduate program. Anyways, I spent a year at community college and although my treatment will continue until May of...