amcas 2019

  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical What You Need to Know Before You Fill Out Your AMCAS Application

    Our webinar, Create a Winning AMCAS Application, was a huge success. If you missed it, don’t worry – you still have a chance to see why applicants consider Accepted’s webinars among our most beneficial resources! The full webinar is now available to view on-demand, and for free. Check it out...
  2. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical Which Medical Schools Should You Apply To?

    Wondering which medical schools you should apply to this application cycle? Here are some thoughts and tips about selecting medical schools! Which Medical Schools Should I Apply To? Framework to Help You Decide Here’s a framework of how to think choosing which medical schools to apply to...
  3. T

    AMCAS Personal Statement vs MD/PHD Essay

    Hi all, thanks for reading! I am having a lot of trouble writing different essays for the primary application Personal Statement and MD/PhD essay. For me, I have one narrative: how I've bounced between meaningful clinical inspiration and taken those experiences into basic research on the...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Secret to AMCAS Success

    It’s hard to get accepted to medical school. As a premed, you know this already – that’s why you spent so much time and energy during your college years studying, doing research, volunteering, getting clinical exposure, and doing everything you can to make sure you’re prepared for the challenge...
  5. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical Cracking Med School Admissions 2019 AMCAS Application Guide

    Hi Pre-meds, Our 2019 AMCAS application guide is here! Get tips from medical school admissions experts: High-yield advice; 5 common application mistakes; 7 ways to maximize your AMCAS! AMCAS Application Guide | | Learn to Submit a Stellar Application
  6. S

    Pushing MCAT date to later - advice?

    Hi all, I'm an undergraduate pre-med student. I'm considering pushing my MCAT date to July 20 (scores release August 20). I will have my AMCAS application completed (except MCAT score) by early June and will submit it for the verification process since it takes 6-8 weeks. I will choose one...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical Get Accepted to Med School: Now Available Online!

    Get Accepted to Medical School in 2020 is now available on demand for anytime viewing! Guided by Accepted med expert Alicia McNease Nimonkar, you’ll learn how to approach each step in the med school admissions process – and start to formulate your personal application strategy. From the...
  8. DoctorOrdinary

    MCAT test date

    Hey guys, I'm planning on registering for the MCAT soon but want to be 100% sure that I'm scheduling myself appropriately. My plan is to apply as soon as AMCAS opens up, so I would ideally want my scores before June 1st. The latest MCAT date that would allow me to do this would be April 13th...
  9. R

    Withdrawing Application Question?

    Hi! If I withdraw an application from a school prior to submitting a secondary will I still be considered a reapplicant at that school if I end up re-applying next cycle?
  10. B

    Do I add classes that I have withdrawn from into my BPCM?

    Do I add the science and math classes that I have withdrawn from into my BPCM? How do medical school committees look at withdrawn math and science courses? I have withdrawn from a Gen Bio 1 with Lab and a Gen Chem 1 with Lab in my freshman year. I am retaking them now and I've got a solic A in both.
  11. J

    AMCAS Mistake - Accidentally put 480 Research Hours When I Meant 840. What Should I Do?

    Accidentally put down 480 hrs when I meant to put down 840 for my research under Work/Activities section. Just got verified Sept 1, and realized I made a mistake with my research hours. I've been in this lab for 2 years, and 480 hours doesn't seem to line up with the duration of which I worked...
  12. booknerdz

    MCAT for a third time?!

    I’m a recent graduate (URM/disadvantaged/3.64 GPA) and just got my second MCAT score back. 494. Pretty discouraged because I spent months studying. I used Khan Academy, Kaplan, and the AAMC materials. I decided to study on my own since I didn’t have the money to pay for a professional...
  13. L

    Mistake on AMCAS application 2019 cycle

    Hello I submitted my AMCAS application and then noticed 2 errors I did on my work/activity section. For 2 activities I indicated the experience type as "medical/clinical" when it should be "not medical/clinical" I contacted AMCAS and as I expected I cannot edit it, Im worried this mistake...
  14. O

    "On Hold" because of Transcript

    I submitted 7/13 and was put on hold today because a study abroad program that I thought was eligible for transcript exception (and my own health professions advisor agreed with) turns out to need an official transcript. I submitted a request for the transcript electronically and am now waiting...
  15. R

    Submit Secondary Prior to Verification?

    Hi there, I submitted my primary application very late (8/10) for verification due to personal circumstances. While I've been pre-writing secondaries, I recieved my first secondary from Tufts, and I wanted to know if it was okay to hold off on submitting my secondary until my primary is...
  16. S

    Asking a Rec Letter Writer

    Hi, I had previously gotten letters from 3 profs that I wanted to apply MD. I got my MCAT back a week ago and it was low enough to deter me from submitting AMCAS. Now, I'm trying to ask them to submit letters for twoe-year programs, and will have to let them know somehow that I'll be applying...
  17. A

    MISTAKE ON AMCAS PRIMARY - what to do?

    So I accidentally listed one of my experiences as "paid-medical/clinical" when it should have been "paid-Non-medical/clinical". I have over 800 hours in this experience, and I don't want adcoms to think I am trying to claim more medical/clinical experience than I have. Should I email individual...
  18. psyflgirl

    Adding new MCAT date to amcas

    Hello, I took the exam last month and I voided. I want to retake in August but I haven't scheduled yet because I want to be sure that I am at least near ready to take it and not waste the money again. My question is: Can I add my tentative mcat date to my amcas which is already verified or do I...
  19. D

    Columbia secondary: In what collegiate extracurriculars did you engage?

    Are they only referring to activities that are affiliated with the college? These are some of the activities I wanted to include: Non-profit co-founder and president Internship at hospital through my school School organization member Research Meditation Jewelry making (but I've been...
  20. M

    MCAT and AMCAS app current cycle

    Just took my MCAT feeling kind of meh about how I did. Got killed by C/P took too long trying to figure out an answer on some questions tht I should’ve skipped and went back to later. I've been reading threads and it seems that I am not the only one who thought c/p was difficult. I didnt void...