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  1. Peaches727

    AMCAS Application Deadlines and Verification

    Hello! Due to the pandemic, I had to push back my application a few weeks and I wanted to know if I submitted it now, would I still be able to be considered for schools that have the application deadline of October 1st. From my understanding, AMCAS verification is taking about 6 weeks I believe...
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  3. Y

    MD My premature school list. any thoughts?

    ORM from New York cGPA=3.70 from Stony Brook University (in my gap year currently) sGPA=3.68 from Stony Brook University 1st MCAT=503 (126,124,127,126) 2nd MCAT=522 (132,128,131,131) Clinical hours=400ish (just got a medical assistant job but couldn't add the planned 2500 hours on my AMCAS)...
  4. Q

    MD Free resource to help with building your MD program application list

    Current MD-MPH MS2 here. Posting a resource here that SIGNIFICANTLY helped me during my application cycle in 2018-2019. This spreadsheet is a comprehensive list of all US MD programs and the corresponding data for each (location, # applicants, # matriculated, Avg GPA/MCAT, # in-state vs...
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  7. W

    HELP! Applying after a gap year

    Hello, I applied to a bunch of schools last summer, but I withdrew my application to all the schools after getting my MCAT score. I had applied toward the end of the cycle anyway and wanted to retake the MCAT. I did not submit any secondaries prior to withdrawing. I emailed all the schools about...
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  9. E

    Change in AMCAS work and activities

    I submitted my AMCAS primary in early June and am awaiting verification. I listed a job that I have been doing for a couple of years and planned to continue through my gap year (2019-2020). However, I have unexpectedly been offered another opportunity that I would absolutely love to accept, but...
  10. power818

    Should I apply Early Decision to UAB?

    I have basically spent the past year of preparation under the assumption that I would be applying early decision to UAB here in a couple days; however, I have had a few people advise against it along with the general presumption here being that it is a bad idea. I want to give my specific...
  11. A

    Med School List Help Please (3.99 GPA, 517 MCAT)

    Hi everyone, as I'm getting ready to apply to med school for this upcoming cycle I was wondering if you could please help me with my list of schools? Any help cutting down my list would be greatly appreciated!
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical 4 Things to Do Before Submitting Your AMCAS Application

    The AMCAS system may be open for several months, but it’s to your advantage to apply earlier rather than later so that med schools can consider your application when they have more seats available to fill. On the other hand, you don’t want to submit your application before it’s truly ready to be...
  13. G

    AMCAS Disadvantaged Essay??

    I'm applying as disadvantaged, but I'm kind of unsure how to go about the essay? Am I supposed to just say how my circumstances effected me (in school/psychologically/socially/etc)? Is this supposed to be on the side of creative writing (like the PS) or just listing facts? If anyone can link...