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  1. ApplyPoint

    AMCAS 2024: “Disadvantaged Applicant” Question Revised to Broader Adversity Question

    The AMCAS “disadvantaged applicant” question is no more. This year’s AMCAS application has introduced a new question in its place that asks more broadly about an applicant’s “impactful experiences.” The 2024 AMCAS application will now include the following question and guidance: In a pop-up...
  2. YoungDaggy

    (WAMC) No IIs 2023 Cycle, Reapply this year or wait until 2024?

    Graduated in Spring 2022 with a 4.00 GPA; currently taking a gap year. I took the MCAT twice (never did CARS practice): 503 (129/121/126/127) in 04/21; ran out of time at the end of C/P and skipped ~4.5 CARS passages. I didn’t really study for it and took it during a semester, dumb mistake I...
  3. L

    For Sale ***2023-2024 Medical School and Residency Application Advising***

    Hello all, I am excited to be entering my fifth year of advising medical school and residency applicants! I have helped numerous folks successfully enter medicine or their desired specialty. I offer comprehensive services - primary and secondary application editing, interview preparation and...
  4. DrUranium

    Activities Review

    Hi I was wondering if we could start a thread of students accepted into a medical school who would be willing to volunteer to read people's activities/work lists. It seems several people would benefit from this based on previous threads/posts! Please reply if you'd be willing to help!
  5. YoungDaggy

    AMCAS - Institutional Action (IA)

    In my junior year of college*, I got an email saying that I violated copyright laws. While it was somewhat of a false charge, I had to accept it and I was told the following: "Although possessing and/or sharing unlicensed copyrighted material is prohibited by UMBC's Code of Student Conduct...
  6. isaeed

    One online class for a prerequisite?

    hiya everyone, I hope y'all are staying healthy, happy, and safe! due to the pandemic, i wasn't able to register for physics I lab on time because it got full quickly so i am taking it this semester. i am planning to apply to med school next summer though (2021-2022 cycle), and i want to get my...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical What You Need to Know Before You Fill Out Your AMCAS Application

    Our recent webinar, Create a Winning AMCAS Application, was filled with important information and actionable advice for premeds like you looking to craft a singularly compelling application. We know it will provide you with immense value as you begin filing your submissions this summer. We...
  8. LindaAccepted

    Medical 4 Things to Do Before Submitting Your AMCAS Application

    The AMCAS system may be open for several months, but it’s to your advantage to apply earlier rather than later so that med schools can consider your application when they have more seats available to fill. On the other hand, you don’t want to submit your application before it’s truly ready to be...
  9. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical Cracking Med School Admissions 2019 AMCAS Application Guide

    Hi Pre-meds, Our 2019 AMCAS application guide is here! Get tips from medical school admissions experts: High-yield advice; 5 common application mistakes; 7 ways to maximize your AMCAS! AMCAS Application Guide | | Learn to Submit a Stellar Application
  10. B

    Do I add classes that I have withdrawn from into my BPCM?

    Do I add the science and math classes that I have withdrawn from into my BPCM? How do medical school committees look at withdrawn math and science courses? I have withdrawn from a Gen Bio 1 with Lab and a Gen Chem 1 with Lab in my freshman year. I am retaking them now and I've got a solic A in both.
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Most Important Asset in Grad School Applications: Time [Episode 276]

    The Most Important Asset in Grad School Applications: Time [Show Summary] This episode is devoted to how the precious and finite asset of time can help you get accepted when applying to graduate schools. Linda Abraham, Founder of Accepted, Discusses the Importance of Following a Graduate...
  12. booknerdz

    MCAT for a third time?!

    I’m a recent graduate (URM/disadvantaged/3.64 GPA) and just got my second MCAT score back. 494. Pretty discouraged because I spent months studying. I used Khan Academy, Kaplan, and the AAMC materials. I decided to study on my own since I didn’t have the money to pay for a professional...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical Applying to Medical School Late in the Application Cycle

    If you are submitting your application in August or later, this can be considered applying late in the application cycle. Circumstances that may influence your decision to apply late include waiting on an MCAT score or simply deciding late in the process to apply this year. 3 Things to Keep in...
  14. H

    Challenge Essay Idea - Seeking Advice

    Hi all, I am usually a lurker, but seeking some thoughts on the personal/professional challenge essay. I am confused between these three options: 1) Immigrated to the U.S. right before college and got accepted to an elite school. Once in college, struggled with spoken English a lot...
  15. A

    MISTAKE ON AMCAS PRIMARY - what to do?

    So I accidentally listed one of my experiences as "paid-medical/clinical" when it should have been "paid-Non-medical/clinical". I have over 800 hours in this experience, and I don't want adcoms to think I am trying to claim more medical/clinical experience than I have. Should I email individual...
  16. A

    What schools should I add? - cGPA: 3.78, sGPA:3.65, MCAT:511

    Year in school: Graduated December 2017 Graduate degrees: B.S. Biological Sciences from a public state school Country/state of residence: Arizona URM (y/n): N, white Cumulative GPA: 3.78 Science GPA: 3.65 Cumulative GPA Trend: 3.86--3.28--4.0--3.85 MCAT Scores: 501 --> 511 (127,126,130,128)...
  17. C

    3.9 cGPA s3.7+ MCAT 508

    Hey guys so I was wondering if anyone had input on what range of medical schools I should apply to or what the avg MCAT for my target schools should be? I scored a 508 on my mcat (129/125/127/127). CARS has always been my weak section and I can't seem to ever get it high enough and at this point...
  18. LindaAccepted

    Medical What NOT to Do in the Activities Section of Your Medical School Application

    Don’t underestimate the importance of the activities section! Let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes to avoid in your activities section so you can make sure that you’re doing it right: Mistake #1: Providing less than 15 activities Simply submitting an application with less than the...
  19. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Medical School Application “Deadline”

    In just a few days, many of you will want to submit your medical school application. You’ve probably heard that you need to submit on the first day possible – May 31st, this year – if you want your best shot. But just how true is that? Medical School Admissions Myth vs. Reality It is true that...
  20. jordij94


  21. R


    I'm not sure what to classify this class from my freshman year. We read research papers from science and non science disciplines and talked about research methods and critiqued the papers. Description from school website catalogue: "Introduction to the Intellectual Foundations program and...
  22. W

    AMCAS App submission vs. MCAT Date

    I was hoping to get some input on this plan. I would like to take the MCAT mid-July (meaning my scores come back mid-August). I have my AMCAS application ready to be submitted and I know that you can add schools to your application even after submission. Should I submit the application with only...
  23. S

    Question about listing my poster presentations