1. S

    Digital Note Taking

    Hey guys! I hate typing notes and have always been a handwriting person, even through my whole undergrad. I'm firmly a PC/Android person, so ipads are out. I've been seriously considering a Mobiscribe or Remarkable 2, but I was wondering if anyone has experiences with a paper tablet like those...
  2. D


    Hi guys, What are some of the good surgical podcasts that you listen to? I would like to know those that are available for Android phones but so that it helps everyone maybe we can list all available ones? Free iPhone ICU doctor Android Paid
  3. libertyyne

    Smartphone for Medical school

    Do you need one? Do you use it study? Is screen size important? What does your workflow look like? Thanks
  4. A

    Drugs In Jordan App

    Free, offline and, fast Jordanian and International drugs searchable guide. Download it now from Google Play Drugs in Jordan is an app made by doctors and pharmacists and dedicated to doctors, pharmacists and all others in the medical field with an impressive elegant design. Features: •...
  5. R

    Good social media blocking apps?

    I'm looking for an app for my iPhone that disables Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I want to be able to access these apps during the evening, but not during the day while I should be studying. I'm sure everyone agrees that these apps are distracting, and like it or not, we are all a bit...
  6. G

    Tips for Leo privacy guard application using

    Tips for Leo privacy guard application using To keep others from going by your Leo Privacy Guard APP voluntarily or perusing your data add watchword security for APP. On the off chance that your telephone is introduced with 5.1 Android System or above, please consider the LEO Privacy Guard...