1. P

    Can You still be a vet if you are squeamish??

    So I really love animals and I want to be a vet, but I'm really squeamish, like I had to leave the room during a heart dissection in class. Do you guys think that is something I can get over?? If so how?? Any advice is much appreciated!!! (BTW I'm currently in sophomore year of high school)
  2. A

    I don't like ALL animals...should I still pursue DVM?

    I want to pursue DVM to help decrease stray dog populations but that doesn't pay so eventually I will work in a clinic... but I don't like rodents and reptiles. I wonder if it's still worth it to go for DVM if I am limited in what animals I feel comfortable/willing to treat? What do you guys...
  3. EquusObsessed

    Share your tips/advice for getting vet experience/hours here!

    So I didn't see a thread like this in the search, I figured it would be useful to have a thread where everyone can post their advice, experiences, tips, do's and don'ts for finding veterinary experience and animal experience. I know that personally, I came into this vet-med thing a bit late...
  4. P

    Vets, why do so much for animals?

    I myself am an aspiring vet, and sometimes I'm posed with the question of "Why do all that for an animal when you could be helping a human?" Does that question come up for anyone else? I'd be interested to know how others respond to it. Sidenote, I'm curious, is veterinarian mostly just a job...
  5. FindingGerald

    Efficient timeline for Zoo Medicine?

    Hi, I'm new to the boards here and am an aspiring Zoo Veterinarian, basically I would love to work with exotic animals, preferably mammals and marsupials, in a Zoo setting or something like SeaWorld if I was to go into the marine mammals area. That's my primary goal - though I'm open to other...
  6. donutzebra

    Animal experimentation

    I'm planning to apply to medical school during the next application cycle (matriculation in 2018), and I was wondering whether it could possibly hurt my chances to include one of my activities involving animal experimentation. During the summer after my freshman year of college, I observed...
  7. J

    What are my chances for vet school?

    i have a gap of 2.889 and I still have two years left of undergrad to get that up. I have 600 hours of animal experience through an exotic internship. I plan on doing at least one more internship next summer. I have a chem minor and I have a lot of extracurricular activities to boost my resume...
  8. L

    Deciding college major, I know I want to work with animals

    I've been deciding what to major in, I'm going to college this fall as a freshmen. I know you don't have to start taking major specific classes until junior year, but I just don't know what to do. I wanted to be a vet when I was younger but I have muscle damaging on the left side of my body...
  9. Herod

    schizophrenia at cat

    ...Sorry , if my English is not completelly correct . My native language is another ... I saw a humans , that have illness in schizophrenia . This my expirience make have suspicion , that all or almost all kitten , that was in agressive conditions of City , is ill with schizophrenia . All...