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  1. Babbitt4MVP

    AP class I did not receive credit for but still listed on transcript

    *Asking for a friend* On my unofficial transcript, my college lists AP classes with a grade system of (P) for pass and (X) for fail. So this means they list the scores of the AP exams I did not pass with an X, instead of leaving it out altogether. I got a 3 on my AP Statistics exam, which meant...
  2. J

    Has anyone experienced issues with AP courses?

    Hello! Currently filling out the 2017-2018 PTCAS application. Many schools have General Psychology as a prerequisite, and then often a second prerequisite will be another psychology/behavioral class. I took General Psychology as an AP class in high school. I put it in as an 'S' for...
  3. T

    AP Physics 1

    Hey, I'm an incoming high school Junior and I'm taking a Physics AP course this year. I'm wondering what Physics is really like. Is it more math based than theory based? How did you do in it in comparison to Biology and Chemistry? Also, what type of math does it use the most? Trig? Algebra...
  4. L

    Adding AP classes to AMCAS - How to List?

    I got AP credit for Psychology and Calculus. On my official transcript, it lumps them together at total transfer credit accepted: 16.0. However, on my unofficial transcript it shows that I got credit for 7 different math classes and 1 psychology class for Spring 2010, the semester before I...
  5. P

    AP Credits (which ones apply and should I apply any at all?)

    Hey guys, so I'm a high school senior, I'm going to a public university (UIC). I've heard a lot about AP credits not being accepted at dental schools. I've taken 6 AP courses (AP Chem, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Bio, AP Physics 1, AP Lit and Comp) and I know most dental schools don't allow for...
  6. 7

    Early Graduation Advice

    Hello All, I am currently a high school junior enrolled in all AP classes. I am ranked 6/800 with approx a 3.7 unweighted GPA. (It would be higher but elective unweighted health science classes have lowered it). I have taken intro. to health sciences, advanced clinical rotations, and collegiate...
  7. Unlucky Asian

    Chance of getting into a UC and its difficulty based on my stats?

    I know you guys probably get this a lot, but I didn't think that asking this in someone else's thread would be cool. I'd like a general idea of the difference between typical high school and college workloads. I'm pretty sure I can get into a UC with a 1900 SAT and ACT score that is coming in...