1. L

    Did you get your PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fielding University? If so, was it worth it?

    I am a mom of four kids. I was a teacher. I quit when I had kids. Now, like ten years later, I want pursue my PhD in psychology to fulfill my end goal of becoming a professor and/or having my own practice. I cannot drive to any of the schools in my southern california area because they all take...
  2. foreverbull

    Did APA just drop the Trust insurance?

    Saw an email in my inbox today saying that APA is partnering with American Professional Agency for professional liability insurance. I'm assuming that they're severing ties with the Trust? Anyone privy to why this is? I was literally just about to switch TO the Trust and leave Am...
  3. mypointlesspov

    PhD/PsyD School Counseling hours for APA Internships?

    Hey y'all, A fellow student in my program stated the following in response to a class discussion (wording is slightly altered): "It's unfortunate that the training we get in schools isn't considered clinical hours. I was shocked to hear that school counseling hours are not counted as clinical...
  4. F

    Didn't get into any APA programs in Clinical Psych - Seeking advice

    Hello all. This is a sad day indeed, although I knew what I was getting myself into, I was quite sure I would get an interview at the least. I applied to 19 APA-Accredited clinical psychology Ph.D. programs. I did not limit myself geographically. I didn't spread myself too thin either. I had...
  5. L

    PhD in clinical psychology (UK)

    Hey! I finished my undergrad in Neurobiology this year in the United States, and my future goal is to be a child psychologist. I wanted to know what are my chances of getting a license to practice in the United States, if I go abroad (mainly UK) to do a PhD in child psychology. I also would...
  6. X

    Are there any APA accredited online PsyD programs?

  7. L

    BCBA and APA accredited masters of clinical psych at one school?

    Hello all, I am interested in becoming a licensed psychologist (leaning towards masters as I am more interested in practicing, still considering a Phd or PsyD) and having my BCBA certification. I am looking for a single school that can offer me both. Help? Thanks!
  8. D

    PhD/PsyD Internship question for APPIC accredited?

    Is it bad form to ask an APPIC-accredited internship site in interview if they intend on pursuing APA accreditation?