1. D

    Ari's Study Guide HELP!!!!

    I have 27 days left until my test date. I've been using Ari's Study Guide but I was taking summer session so it cut into my studying (for the first month). I planned everything out but I will be able to do everything EXCEPT Days 46-55. Roughly about 10 days. I am planning on omitting those...
  2. D

    Officially Done with DAT

    Today I took my DAT. I am writing this to give my thoughts on what I did for preparation and what I recommend to others. My scores are listed below. AA: 23 TS: 24 PAT: 24 QR: 24 RC: 19 BIO: 22 GC: 23 OC: 26 To start, the best thing I can suggest is to get as much exam practice as possible. You...
  3. Auntymarkovnikov


    Do dental schools care if you have non-prerequisite courses taken as credit/no credit?? I need a poli sci class to graduate and I would like to take it as C/NC since I am taking 17 units next semester. Also, I just applied to dental school.
  4. J

    Updated Bootcamp Schedule?

    Hey guys, does anyone know if there is an updated bootcamp schedule? The one I got from the website ends with Day 41: " ☐ Take Math Destroyer Test 12 untimed • Congrats, you’ve finished Math Destroyer for the first time! ☐ Do DAT Destroyer Biology problems: 136-162 ☐ Do DAT Destroyer General...
  5. shibedeleshibe

    7/11/2017 DAT Breakdown (23 AA/22TS)

    Hey guys, I took the DAT a few hours ago and thought I would make a breakdown to give back to the amazing people of SDN. Here it goes! Scores: PAT: 20 QR: 28 RC: 23 Bio: 20 GC: 23 OC: 23 TS: 22 AA: 23 Resources used: DAT Bootcamp, Chad's Videos for GC and OC, Cliff's AP Biology 3rd Edition...
  6. D

    Buying DAT Books/DAT bootcamp subscription/DAT destroyer

    Hi, I'm taking the DAT this winter 2017 and am following Ari's DAT bootcamp. Will buy your: DAT destroyer Math destroyer Cliffs AP biology 3rd edition DAT subscription Message me. Thanks!
  7. D

    How am I doing?

    Hey So I already finished all 5 BC exams and some of DAT genius and so I decided to redo the BC exam for more practice. I just retook the first exam of BC and I got 21 BIO, 25GC and 21 OC. My scores when I first took the first exam were 19 BIO 18 GC and 18 OC. Through out the 5 BC exams when I...
  8. D

    Bio Bootcamp

    I took the first bio BC exam and I got 19 and I got 26/40 correct! But when I took the second Bio BC I got 16 with the same raw score 23/40! My DAT is in less than a week and I'm very worried not sure what to do! I didn't expect that 3 questions would change the grade drastically from 19-16!
  9. F

    2009 ADA DAT Practice Test Breakdown

    Hey guys, I take my DAT in like less than two weeks, I kind of went ahead of myself and I took the 2009 practice test. I only did four of the sections however Bio: 22 GenChem: 21 OrgChem: 22 PAT: 20 I don't know if I'm good condition or not, and heres why.. this is my second time doing this...
  10. F


    Hey guys, I have 16 days left until my DAT and I am really worried about the QR section. I've taken practice tests on bootcamp and I've been getting 15's and 16's. That is way too low for my standards. I used to be really good at math in high school, but it's just been way to long. My mind for...