Ari's Study Guide HELP!!!!


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Mar 22, 2012
I have 27 days left until my test date.
I've been using Ari's Study Guide but I was taking summer session so it cut into my studying (for the first month).

I planned everything out but I will be able to do everything EXCEPT Days 46-55. Roughly about 10 days. I am planning on omitting those days to ensure I will be able to cover DAT Bootcamp Full length 1-5 and 2007 & 2009 DAT (the last week on his study guide)

How essential are those last days of Destroyer?!
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May 18, 2016
Did you do the recommended destroyers each day and reviewed it that same day???

Do what feels right. If you're good at reading don't do the daily readings. If you're good at some subject, don't focus too much on it. I only did around 200 destroyer problems for each section. I recommend you do BC exams. All of them. And keep reviewing them. 6-10 BC exams have really good explanations. I learned all the embryology stuff just from there.


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Apr 7, 2017
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I would go over destroyer all of it in one week. Go over the questions, make flashcards for all the info you don't know so you can review it. It's time consuming and you have to push through but it is worth it. Then take the next week to do bootcamp and the last week to do the practice tests. Destroyer really helps reiterate the information you know by applying it into questions and BC is a great representation of the actual DAT. I personally pushed my exam back by 3 weeks and used this schedule and my AA went up by 3 point on BC.
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