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    Can an MD Direct Commission without completing residency?

    Hi everyone, Can an MD Direct Commission without completing residency? My partner is Army and has advised me to look into applying for both the Army and the Air Force for potential Direct Commission. We have spoken to a couple recruiters but they haven't seemed to know much about the process for...
  2. F

    Army Med question/HPSP

    I'd like to first start off by saying that I've always wanted to serve, so no I would not be applying just to "pay for med school". Now that that's out of the way lol, I am considering applying for the HPSP scholarship with the Army, I've read about the problems with not getting the residency...
  3. B

    Military doctors who are now civilian doctors, what was the transition like after being discharged?

    How would you describe your experience of making that transition from Army/Navy/Air Force back into the civilian world? If you were an HPSP student, what was the best/worst part of the transition? Was it difficult? Also what do you specialize in now?
  4. N

    Navy reserve surgery

    Hello everyone, apologies for similar posts the process of obtaining concrete answers from some recruiters has been difficult and asking for clarification leads to radio silence. I was curious if anyone here is either a navy reserve physician or has experience to describe the duration and...
  5. A

    Planning for the end days

    Senior SDN docs, In 6 months, I'll be within the 1 year window to submit my unqualified resignation (AD Army, 12 yrs TIS [includes residency]). Based on my preliminary research, there seems to be a whole bunch of pitfalls (lost paperwork, begging people for signatures, etc.) associated with...
  6. B

    Lifestyle as a army internist?

    Can anyone comment on the lifestyle of being an general internist in the Army? Do you work only hospital or only clinic, or a mix? Do you have a choice on what you want to do in that regard, i.e. Just be an internist working outpatient 8-5 vs internist working 7 12's on, 7 off? Thanks for any...
  7. C

    USUHS / HPSP Military Waver

    Does anyone have any experience with successfully completing a waver to be unconditionally accepted to USUHS based upon medical history? Serving in our nation's military as a medical doctor has been a dream of mine for years, but unfortunately my medical history is going to get in the way. I'm a...
  8. N

    Emergency Medicine in Army

    Hey all, I'm currently considering the HPSP scholarship with the Army, but I want to get a few questions addressed before I take the offer. The biggest concern that I have is about my future as a potential EM physician in the Army. Can any current Army EM physician comment on the quality of...
  9. M

    Medic/Vet Special Forces

    Hi there does anyone know what sort of opportunities there are for army doctors or veterinarians to be a part of special forces? And which one, doctor or vet, has more opportunities for being in sf? Thanks
  10. M

    Veterinary Officer vs Medical Officer

    Hi so I keep debating whether I want to go to veterinary school or medical school. Either way I know that I intend to apply for the HPSP for the Army. Eventually, I want to go into Preventive Medicine/Public Health. Which Army program (Vet or Med) has better residencies/programs/employment...
  11. K

    Military post residency

    I am currently in my 4th year of residency for orthopedic surgery. I am commissioned as an O3 in the army reserves and doing the STRAP/HPLRP. Does anyone have information of what life is like post residency? I am trying to sign a contract with a private practice group, and they have concerns...
  12. ijustwannasaveppl

    ROTC? Best way to get into USUHS?

  13. ijustwannasaveppl

    Army Becoming Surgeon for FST

    Hi guys. I want to be a surgeon on an Army Forward Surgical Team, and I'm not sure what steps to take. The recruiter at my dual credit program is just interested in high school grads he can send to basic. (surprise, surprise!) ;)I'm a hs senior and not in it for the money; I am genuinely excited...
  14. fernweh2438

    Army Army HPSP wife with Army Officer husband

    Hello! Does anyone have any experience with dual military couples where one is a doctor? I will be starting med school next fall and plan to do the army HPSP as my husband is an active duty army officer with no plan of getting out anytime soon. I have heard that dual military couples are only...