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  1. D

    A.T Still vs. University of St. Augustine (San Marcos)

    Hi everyone! I recently got off the waitlist for AT Still and am torn about where to go. I currently live in San Diego and will be moving into an apartment with my boyfriend if I stay in SD. It'll be ~$700-750 for rent. If I go to Arizona I'm assuming I'll be paying ~ $600-750 on rent (really...
  2. M

    A.T. Still University @ Missouri Campus

    Hey guys, Just curious what you all have heard about the A.T. Still University School Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health program. I know it is fairly new, so I wasn't sure if anyone had anything good or bad to say. Thanks!
  3. P

    AT Still University Interview 2016

    Hey everyone! Has anyone had or will have an interview with AT Still yet? I have an interview this Friday and want to know if anyone has any advice! Also, to anyone that currently goes to AT Still, what do you like the most and the least about the program? Thanks!
  4. D

    ASDOH Secondary Application - Work Experience?

    I am in the processes of completing the ASDOH secondary app which I find to be the most tedious so far, but anyways, I am on the experiences section and I have not had a dental related job in which I was paid for but I have the other two categories filled out. Is it necessary to have had a...
  5. P

    AT Still Vs. Sacramento State

    Is there anyone out there that has any information/advice about either of these schools? I'm trying to make the best decision for myself and get as much information as possible. Thanks!!
  6. D

    ASTU - DPT Interview 2015

    Hi, I am just wondering has anyone heard back from this school for interviews? From what I have heard, they are currently interviewing early acceptance students first? Also, if you have interviewed with them, what were your prerequisite information? Thank you! University: Major: Overall...
  7. SDA122

    Help me decide between WVSOM, AT STILL and TUNCOM please

    Hi, I need to some advice on how to make a decision between these schools. I am researching all of them, however some insight from all of you fine, wise people would help. Thanks!