1. E

    C Grades in Two Courses. What now?

    Hi, I’m sure this kind of stuff is posted all the time, but lately I’ve just had a lot of thoughts and anxiety running through my head and could use some clarity. I am 3 weeks into my sophomore year currently the University of San Francisco but my concern is with my freshman grades. For my...
  2. A

    236 Step 1, 245 Step 2 a bunch of P,High Passes, and 1 Honor in Surgery and No research?

    As you can see I am just about as average as a med student can get. Is there a good chance for matching into Radiology? I just got really nervous looking at the 2018 Charting outcomes and wondering If I should even bother. Really the only selling point I have is an H in Surgery but other than...
  3. maybeapedsdoc22

    ? ?

  4. Franzliszt1

    The truth about AMCAS GPAs

    Before I get into this I want to say please forgive my ignorance, I have a 3.6 cGPA but given that I have many A+s in my last two years, my AMCAS calculated cGPA is 3.53. For all intents and purposes will I be judged as a 3.53? Lets say I get in somewhere - when the medical school reports...
  5. N

    How many secondaries and interviews does one receive on average?

    Preferably as a percentage so that respondents don't have to disclose the precise number of schools they applied to (unless they want to). I have no idea where or when I heard "expect ~66% secondaries", but my secondary receipt rate has been closer to 80-90% according to the table I made just...
  6. HappyPomme

    DAT Finally Done! :D

    Boy does it feel good to get this exam over with! :soexcited: To everyone out there still studying, just know that all of it will pay off and you will soon be able to enjoy the rest of your summer :nod: I also wanted to let everyone know that it is possible to do well on this exam even if you...
  7. Jyggaswoop

    ***The Official Indiana University Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Who? Hoosiers!! Didn't see this one yet. My application is submitted and received/reviewing. Residency: Indiana. Stats: 3.42 o, 3.49 s, 3.48 BCP, 21 AA 21 TS, 18 PAT. Attended Dental Day- Very helpful! Class of 2020 stats: APPLIED 1,403 Resident 191 Non-Residents 1,212 MATRICULATED 106...
  8. DZKMD

    UWorld's 2nd pass (80-100%) Should I change QBank?

    ORIENTATION NEEDED. I'm about 10 40Qs-blocks into UWorld's second pass ranging 80-100%; First pass, random, timed was 73%. My second pass scores are most likely 'cause I do remember the questions and answers, although I study the explanations again, even when I know the "why" of the correct...
  9. Punished Angeleno


  10. I

    Florida/Texas DPT 2016-2017 Applications

    Hey everyone! I have been looking at these forums for the past two years. A lot of people on here have great GPAs, GRE scores, extracurriculars, hours, and I felt that my scores were not good enough compared to everyone else's, but I can finally stop thinking that way because I got accepted to...
  11. moose786

    DAT Breakdown for the 3.0 Student

    So relieved - beyond words. I took the exam 2 days ago, and only had the chance to finally type a breakdown now since my family decided to take a road trip to Florida the day after my exam. Firstly, I want to thank @orgoman22 for the wonderful book we all hold dear to our souls. Nancy, thank you...
  12. S

    DAT TS / AA/ PAT? Relative importance?

    Hello, guys. Long time lurker on sdn. I appreciate your contributions to the community! Quick question: How much do dental schools weigh TS and PAT compared to AA? Obviously AA is more important, but I scored few points higher on TS than AA, so i was wondering. The math section brought my...
  13. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    How representative are DAT Bootcamp & Genius Scores

    For those who have taken the DAT in 2016... What were your average scores in BC and / or Genius like compared to the real one? How representative were the practice tests in terms of difficulty? I am aiming 23+ to compensate for my low GPA. I've seen varying answers to the threads like this, but...
  14. eeeeagle!!

    Does anyone know..

  15. snowman.33

    2016 Step 1 national average?

    Anyone know if a national average has been released this year? (or have an idea of when it would be released?)
  16. H

    What's better?

    Would you rather be a 3.0 / 25 AA vs 3.5 / 20AA extremely extreme vs. exteremly average just curious