bad mcat score

  1. F

    need advising from experts on mcat score

    Because of poor planning on my part, I rarely had the time to study for this exam and my test is in 3 days. I would delay the test if it was applicable, but at this point any further delay will harm my application given that i will still not have enough time to study so that i would improve...
  2. M

    MCAT DOs and DONTS

    Hello everyone, this is my first forum, and after years of looking at everyone else's post that weren't exactly answering my question,... I decided to ask my own finally. 1.) I am a Junior in Biology minor Nutrition Pre- professional. I am currently taking the MCAT in June on the 29th and have...
  3. C

    Retake 506 MCAT? Nontraditional 4.0 post bacc

    I was so hoping I wouldn't be stuck in this position....But now I have no idea how to proceed. I got my MCAT score yesterday and hadn't hit the submit button for primary bc I wanted to see score, not what I anticipated. C/P 129 CARS 125 B/B 124 ( eeekkk) P/S 128 I was shocked as CARS and B/B...
  4. E

    MD & DO terrible numbers, do I have any chance?

    cGPA 3.14, MCAT 502 - bummer, I know. I've logged over 3,000 hours as a scribe in the ED and believe I'll have really great LOR from 3 MDs and a DO I work with. I have good quality volunteer hours and extracurricular activities. I think my personal statement shows that I have a mature...
  5. J

    Worse on 2nd MCAT

    Hi all, I have no idea how this happened but I did much worse on my second MCAT. I got a 503 on the first try and a 493 on the second. No idea how this happened as I was scoring better on practice exams, my only possible explanation is that I was mental exhaustion. I studied super hard for...
  6. Jesse2490

    Odds of getting into medical school/ideas to help boost application?

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into my odds of getting into medical school this year. GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.71 MCAT: 499 Phys = 126 Soc = 126 CARS = 124 Bio = 123 Volunteering/Shadowing: 40 hours job shadowing a neurosurgeon 15 hours volunteering at homeless...