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    Barry Podiatry VS. NYCPM (Opinions from current students?)

    Hi! I applied to both Barry and NYCPM and was hoping to get opinions on where I should go? I know that NYCPM has better board scores but what draws me to Barry is living in FL, the beautiful campus, and being in a less densely podiatrist-populated area (In NY, there are about 30 podiatry...
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    Barry University BMS Spring 2019

    Hey, I just recently got accepted to the barry university biomedical sciences program. I was wondering what to expect from the program and if anyone else is entering during the spring semester?
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    BARRY Biomedical Sciences (MS) FALL 2018

    Hello, i just got accepted to barry's Biomedical Sciences (MS) program for fall 2018. Wanted to get some input on those who are currently in the program. How is it? I am doing the one year track, i know its going to be rigorous so i wanted some input...also looking to see who else will be...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Is cost everything?

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    Barry VS Kent

    I've narrowed my schools down to CSPM, NYCPM, Scholl, Kent and Barry I specifically would like to know how Kent and Barry would compare to each other since they are not in big cities like SF, Chicago, or NYC. I know clinicals are relatively the same for both with 7 or 8 month externships but...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Anyone Interview with Barry yet?

    Did anyone Interview at Barry yet for MSOT? What was the interview like? Group/single, what were some questions you remember? Thanks!
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    General Admissions & OTCAS If you have multiple classes that can fulfil prereqs, which one do they look at?

    I'm a psych major and my program requires a couple abnormal psych courses, which I've taken a bunch of. Which class will they use to fulfill the prereq? Will they take the latest class, the highest grade, one big average of all?
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Seeking from Barry University who can give me their opinions on it

    I'm having trouble finding people who have gone to Barry for Occupational Therapy. If you have, please let us know if you were OTD or MSOT, what year, and if you enjoyed the program or not/pros and cons, and anything else you want to share. Also, were the loans worth it? I know tuition is steep.