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    Renting Houston, TX Fabulous 2 bedroom 2 bath condo near Texas Medical Center *pool*

    Houston TX new opportunity as listed on Contact landlord through web site: LINK to listing #0046815 -Mediterranean style condo -beautiful quiet street in the heart of Montrose and midtown. -2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, bar area, -new stainless steel appliances, -front...
  2. F

    MD Chances for TX schools: 4.0/518

    I've been reading on SDN for a long time, but this is my first actual post. I'm going into my final year of undergrad, and I am hoping to get advice on how to improve my application. I am somewhat nontraditional (I actually don't know whether my app is considered nontraditional or how it exactly...
  3. D

    519 & 3.96 - Cali schools? Baylor?

    Hi! I just applied for this 2019 cycle and I would greatly appreciate some input as to which schools to strike from my current list and which schools to add. I'm interested in going to school in California, but I know that's a pretty tough sell for OOS students. Particularly those who do not...
  4. C

    Baylor vs. UNC

    Hi, I am debating between Baylor or UNC... I have some experience with Baylor as I lived in Houston while doing my MPH. The TMC med center is great and Baylor students are awesome, but I have a strong interest in public health research...and in this one category, there weren´t too great of...
  5. A

    Sophomore in College Advice

  6. B

    3.0 GPA, 57 Credits so Far. How high can I raise GPA?

    A 3.0 GPA seems low for med school admission, so if I were to work hard, how high could I raise it? If I add a minor (18 credit hours more) could it help my chances to raise my GPA? Also, I do volunteer at a free clinic, I'm in research studying Parkinson's, what else could I do to dramatically...
  7. I

    Baylor College of Medicine LoR Requirements

    I took two gap years before applying this cycle, and I just read on Baylor's website that: "All letters must be current from the calendar year preceding proposed enrollment." Are there any current medical students either from Baylor or wherever that applied before that know how strict this rule...
  8. N

    Texas Non-Trad/Career Change (MD)

    Hi All, I am looking for some guidance in deciding on a path towards medical school (pref. MD). A brief background: Dallas, TX resident Currently working in the IT industry B.S. Management Information Systems - Penn State University (2015) cGPA: 3.0 sGPA: 1.0 (Took a semester away from Penn...
  9. H

    Baylor vs. WashU

    I'm in the fortunate position of having to choose between attending BCM or WUSTL. BCM pros: -I received a scholarship at Baylor, which is already a super cheap school -Closer to home -It's in the Texas Medical Center -Texas weather is more my style -I'll potentially have classmates I knew in...
  10. C

    USC Keck vs. Baylor

    Hi all, With the April 30 deadline coming up so soon I have such a difficult decision to make...I'm choosing between USC Keck and Baylor. I know I'm so lucky to even have a choice but I feel really stuck. I made a pros and cons list: USC: Pros: -went to undergrad in California and really love...