1. A

    Would Viticulture & Enology courses in science GPA?

    I'm a V&E major and a large portion of my coursework has been very scientifically oriented classes such as wine chemistry, grapevine physiology, fermentation science, wine microbiology, plant pathology, sensory science, etc. I've looked over the official ADEA AADSAS course subject list and...
  2. Bohr_

    BCP GPA Question

  3. 7

    Do animal biology courses count towards science GPA?

    Would classes such as Animal Behavior, Ichtylogy, Mammology etc. all count towards the BCPM GPA for dental school? They are all in the Integrative Biology major courses, which is 1 of two biology major departments at my University. The other major probably has more human related bio courses, but...
  4. M

    BCP vs Science GPA difference..?

    Just curious what the heck the difference is between these two... Have searched anywhere and can't find it. I read BCP consists of upper and lower level courses, such as Physiology, Biochem, Molecular, etc. Anyone have a list?
  5. B

    Do these count as BCPs??

    Would these classes be considered BCPs? I think most of them should be, but I'm not positive about all of them. 1. Human Brain & Disease-we learned about brain disorders, neurophysiology, and neuroanatomy 2. Neurobiology 3. Psychobiology-technically a psychology-department class, but we learned...
  6. M

    Confused! post bac or masters for 3.2bcp (CA resident)?

    Ok so here's where my confusion comes from. I will be graduating with a 3.2 bcp and projected 22DAT, from a Top 20 school with an upward trend. If I get my bcp gpa up to a 3.5 with 1 year of post bac classes from a state school is that more than enough to increase my likely hood of getting into...
  7. K

    Let me know if I'm out of my mind?

    I'm going to try to keep this as concise as possible despite having, what I feel, is a unique non-trad background (I'm sure everyone does ;)). Every year or so, I get stuck on the idea of going to med school. Near the end of HS, I dismissed the entire idea because I so strongly believed I was...
  8. geologynerd

    My chances?

    So I was a little misinformed at my school and was told my stats are a little low. I think they're pretty good and I just want other people's opinions that I am not crazy and my advisers were wrong. BCP: 3.62, without -/+ = 3.69 Science 3.73, without -/+ = 3.78 Non-Science: 3.85, without -/+...
  9. F

    ***Undergrad Workload***

    Hello, I'm a 2nd year college student who just decided to Persue dentistry. I've taken a few science class that fulfill the requirements for dental school . Example: Fall 2014 Physics 2B - B Statistics- A Accounting 1B- A Total units - 13 Spring 2015 Bio 1 - A Intro to chemistry- A Medical...
  10. CareerNumTwo

    If the BCP GPA is so important, why do schools only report science and cumulative GPA?

    In the past year that I've been on this path, it's been beaten into me that the BCP is incredibly important. I get it, it's all the pre-reqs rolled up into one number. IF that is the case, why isn't the BCP GPA reported in any of the AADSAS or dental school publications? When I go to the...
  11. CareerNumTwo

    BCP Question. Mech Eng 235: Thermodynamics: Physics or "Other Science"

    Over a decade ago I was a mechanical engineering major. I took ME 235 which is a thermodynamics class but it's taught by the Mechanical Engineering department. On the AADSAS website they say "Physics" classes include Thermodynamics. However, I've also been told that the class should only...