1. W

    Not Good Freshman Year: No Chance at MD?

    Thanks for all of the help!
  2. M

    Biomedical Engineering as Pre-Med Major?

    Hi everyone! I am new on SDN but please bear with me if I am not following the typical format of the forums here! I am a rising sophomore in undergrad majoring in biomedical engineering. I am a pre-med student. I originally chose this major over the typical biology route to provide myself a...
  3. S

    Major (BME) + Pre-Med??

    Hey all, I am here to ask a question that I am 100% percent sure has been asked before. For frame of reference, I am currently a high school student entering my senior year and am trying to decide on colleges to apply to. The issue is I am having trouble picking a major, but I know for a fact...
  4. M

    Northwestern vs. Washington U. - Gap year - Accepted to M.S. in BME

    Hello all, I am graduating this May (non-BME engineering B.S. from Missouri S&T) and will be starting my Master's in biomedical engineering this fall (for my "gap year"). I am applying to MD programs in the next cycle for 2019. I have already been accepted to BME MS programs at Northwestern and...
  5. MedDesigner

    MD/MPH or BME ?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a non-traditional student looking to get deeper into the medical field. I was an Industrial Design Undergrad and focused on Medical Technology. I created a technology, no working on licensing for rehabilitation tech for deaf and hard of hearing. In my undergrad I focused on...
  6. RayitoLX

    Chances, applying broadly

    Hi all! I submitted my AMCAS primary about 10 days ago. Though my advisor said that "fit [to schools] is more important in some cases than metrics," I would appreciate some help in balancing and broadening my top-heavy list. I'd love to attend where there are plentiful resources and lots of...
  7. C

    Best way to Med School for Nontrad w/low GPA?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum, so thanks in advance for your understanding. I'm in a bit of a rough spot, as I went through undergrad as a transfer student in biomedical engineering; my GPA was 3.7 pre-transfer, but fell to 3.2 once I hit upper division. (My institution doesn't factor in...
  8. SiriusObserver

    Where To Transfer? UW Madison or UCSD?

    Hi everybody. I'm fairly new to SDN and am turning to you guys to help me make a big decision. I was recently admitted into both UW Madison and UCSD as a transfer student from a two-year UW college. As a premed, I feel like this is an important decision, but I know some will agree and some will...
  9. deirdre

    Please Advise: BME at NU vs Vandy

    I know there are a million threads like these, but I find myself in need of advice like many others, and I hope someone will be able to help me here. I'm trying to make my final decision between Northwestern and Vanderbilt. I'm leaning strongly toward NU because I'm pretty sure I'll be...
  10. C

    Engineering as a Pre-Med

    So first semester of college ever and I have a 3.91-3.93 Cumulative GPA and a 4.0 Science/math Gpa, I am a biomedical engineer and a pre-med, The classes I took were Gen Chem, Calc 1, chem lab, programming for engineers , biomedical engineering lab and english, 15 credits with labs. But what I...