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  1. Hazel-Smize

    BU AS versus Tufts IS? Which one would you guys choose and why? Need some serious advice!!!

    So I got the offer from Tufts and interviewed at BU and still waiting. Trying to pick one. Here's some of the information about these two programs. 1. Tufts program is 29 months long. Starts in Jan 2019 and you graduate in May 2021. BU program is 24 months long. Starts in late July 2019 and you...
  2. Auntymarkovnikov

    Boston University Calc Pre-req

    BU has a calc pre-req. I want to apply there but I have not taken calc and will not take calc because it is not required by my major. Does anyone know of anyone who has been excepted into their program without taking calc?
  3. D

    BU DMD Advanced Standing 2017-18

    Hi, Everyone:bookworm: Lets discuss about BU DMD o_Oapplication for 2017 cycle here. Anybody any updates?:whistle::soexcited: P.S : lets hope to get some positive IV for this year cycle :) Let's start with me. My profile NBDE par1 NBDE part 2 ( tentative plan to take in end of oct) TOEFL-100...
  4. F

    HELP! UCLA vs BU Dental School!

    By the grace of God, I have been accepted to both UCLA and BU. BU has offer me a scholarship so the overall cost is fairly close for both schools. I would very much appreicate some personal experiences, insight, and advice. Dental Students, Alumni and ect. Please let me know about BU and UCLA...
  5. A

    Boston University

    Can anyone tell me why BU is being bashed on this forum so much? Is it a genuinely bad school or is it just silly rumour from some negative experiences? Any BU dental students? Do you guys like your dental experience in BU so far? Please comment! I think this school deserves a second perspective..!!
  6. geologynerd

    My chances?

    So I was a little misinformed at my school and was told my stats are a little low. I think they're pretty good and I just want other people's opinions that I am not crazy and my advisers were wrong. BCP: 3.62, without -/+ = 3.69 Science 3.73, without -/+ = 3.78 Non-Science: 3.85, without -/+...