1. justalittlestar

    What is call like in a psych residency?

    Hey all, I'm a MS4 who recently applied and finished up interviews for psych residency. I've started sorting my rank list and my top programs by location, diversity efforts, and call schedule. I know that 24 hour call generally sucks and night float is typically regarded as a bit easier but...
  2. A

    Negotiating call schedule in contract

    I am about to sign my first job after fellowship and had a question about call frequency in the contract. I liked a job and I am in talks with the employer and am negotiating terms. They have 3 other physicians in the practice and I will be joining as the fourth. The employer says the contract...
  3. I

    Call bag

    Call bag and residents have a love-hate relationship, mostly hate, but love it when the call bag has exactly what i need at 2am while covering another hospital Trying to find a good all around backpack to haul all that Ophtho gear and I'm interested in knowing what some residency programs...
  4. T

    What does the typical attending schedule looks like through the week?

    To preface this whole conversation, I know this will vary from group to group and you can choose between what you want to do, get paid, and live. I've been asking around a lot and talking to various OB's but not a large sample or in depth and I haven't found a whole lot on reddit or sdn so I'll...
  5. V

    Pediatric Fellowship call

    Hello current pediatric Fellows! I’m trying to collect some information regarding call (in regards to number of weeks ) and how the services are split. Helpful information: - how many fellows in the fellowship - how are consults, inpatient service, night shift, weekends distributed (per year)...
  6. R

    Call load and moonlighting in radiology residencies

    Radiology applicant here. I'm older than the average applicant and have two kids to feed, and that I would like to spend time with. Wife is sick and cannot work. Could you please answer the following, regarding UCSD, UCSF, UCLA, MGH, MOUNT SINAI, MONTEFIORE, COLUMBIA and CORNELL. 1. How often...
  7. T

    Inquiring about waitlist

    Hey guys, I have been wait-listed at two programs now and have received very little information regarding the status of admissions. This whole waiting game seems to be taking forever (even though it's only been a couple of months). What do you guys think about reaching out to a program and...
  8. T

    Cold Calling for Shadowing

    Is cold calling a viable strategy for being able to shadow an internist? I don't have a doctor I know well near me, so I don't really have any connections that I can use to find someone to shadow. What other ways could I go about finding shadowing opportunities? Thanks for your help!
  9. D

    Does a radiology resident need call to become a good radiologist?

    I think the answer is a definitive yes!!! In order to break the chains of dependence, you need the experience of making independent choices as an attending radiologist does. The only way to get that experience is call. There is an article called Call- A Rite of Passage that explains the reasons...