1. A

    cDAT PAT study tools

    Hi everyone, I am studying for the cDAT in November and I was wondering what tools you all recommend for PAT? I heard that the Bootcamp PAT and possibly Kaplan's blue book is somewhat helpful. Are these resources helpful or are there any other resources you may recommend? Thanks :)
  2. S


    Hey everyone I have a question about the organic chemistry requirement. Most universities require organic chemistry 1 and 2 with each having a lab component. I am doing my undergrad at UBC and we only have one organic chem course (CHEM 233) worth 3 credits and an organic lab (CHEM 235) worth 1...
  3. R

    Did anyone here take the cDAT this past weekend?

    Seems like most of the test-takers here are very US-centric. Was wondering if anyone around here took the cDAT on November 4. Thoughts on it?
  4. J

    Canadian DAT practice exams?

    would anyone be able to direct me to any canadian dat practice exams? I've only been able to find ones provided in the booklet by canadian dental association.. any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  5. J

    Difficulty of Canadian dat and US dat?

    I'll be taking the canadian dat in november but have been studying off dat materials recommended by american students (dat bootcamp, destroyer etc..) For those who have taken both exams, how would you compare the two? I'm mostly worried about the bio section, since there's just so much...
  6. R

    cDAT reading comprehension resource?

    hey everyone runescapelover0292 here --> love this name. this is my first post on these forums so bear with me. im going to be starting to study for the canadian DAT within this week and i have done my research however i cannot find a good suggested resource to use to study/practice for the...
  7. amariesa

    Today's cDAT

    Hey guys! How did you find the cDAT? I usually dont post but after doing all the Bootcamp practice tests, I never saw paper folding like today. Also what up with the RC section? All three passages were so medical and tough.
  8. N

    Canadians who have written both the cDAT and aDAT (applying to States)

    Hi guys, I've tried searching on this but couldn't find anything, so I was hoping someone might be able to comment. For those who have written both the Canadian and American DATs and have/are applying to the States, do schools even bother looking at the Canadian one if you've written the...
  9. E

    Engineering Student’s CDAT Breakdown (24 AA, 26 TS, 24 PAT) / Study Schedule

    Hello SDN, I spent a lot of time reading breakdowns and study advice on SDN before my DAT, so I hope I can help some future students with my own. Since most pre-dental students are from a science background, I’m hoping I can add some input from an Engineering side. DAT Breakdown: AA...
  10. E


    I knew not to use the line counting strategy for TFE so I never even attempted to learn how to use it. But, I guess when I was practicing using the generators I picked up on how the horizontal lines of the front and end views need to match up and that the vertical lines of the front and top...
  11. A

    DAT manual dexterity soap carving section help

    Hey guys, I'm going to be taking the Canadian DAT on November 5th and I'm kind of freaking out about the manual dexterity section. I have a friend that did really well in the DAT but failed the soap carving portion so he had to retake the test. I have no problem with the sciences or reading...
  12. Lunel

    Need Advice: DAT tomorrow!

    Hi everyone, I would really like some advice. :( Tomorrow I am writing the Canadian DAT for the first time and I am completely unprepared (Note: I have written the American one before and scored TS 21/AA 20). I am taking 6 classes and since all my midterms aligned around this time, I prepared...
  13. M

    Canadian DAT Reading Comprehension

    Hi everyone, Can anyone provide a good insight and methods to approach the Canadian DAT's reading comprehension? I've noticed that it's mostly find the facts (search and destroy), and sometimes the questions are in order as they appear in the passage. I currently have IQ publications, Dat...