class of 2021

  1. H

    Pacific University (OR) application/ED

    Hi there! Is anyone planning to apply for pacific university this year? Have you start working on the gathering the pieces before the cycle open yet? I'm applying to their early decision program but feeling very nervous :(
  2. P

    Nova waitlisted

    Got a call just now saying I am waitlisted. Anyone else get waitlisted?
  3. M

    Is oversaturation of dentistry a serious concern?

    I have been accepted to dental school for this upcoming fall. I've always heard of the concept of oversaturation in dentistry but I didn't think of it as being a big deal that would cause any drastic changes to the point where I'd have to take it as factor to make my desicion to pursue the field...
  4. C

    UAMS Class of 2021

    First of all big congrats. What all do you plan on doing before we start in August? I've got a float trip planned with a wild ass group for the Elk River, about an hour from Fayetteville, on June 3, and I'd love for you to join. Slide into the DMs before May 1 if you're interested. Looking...
  5. R

    NYU College of Dentistry class of 2021 meet and great

    Hi, guys. I have been accepted to NYUCD class of 2021. I though it would be a good idea to get to know my future classmates a bit before time. Share stories and experiences about DAT prep, applications and interviews, prior dental experience, and so on. And if some of you are in the NYC area...
  6. T


    Thought Id make a forum for those who were accepted to and attending NYCOM starting Fall 2017 (Class of 2021). Thought it would be a good place for any questions, housing, financial aid, ect....
  7. Texaspod2020

    Barry University: A look inside

  8. P

    Public IVY, Low GPA, OK PCAT, 3 years of experience

    Good morning everyone! I've been an active reader on SDN forums for a very long time. My searches consist of "what are my chances, low gpa pharmacy schools, etc." But I thought I would create my own and see what you guys' opinions are. I graduated from UT with a degree in Economics and minored...
  9. X

    CHSU Class of 2021

    Hello everyone! Is anyone going to the interview at CHSU this month?
  10. nateriver

    ****The Official Columbia Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread****

  11. H

    ***The Official UPenn Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    There have been a few Official Class of 2021 threads around, and since UPenn is one of my dream schools I think I should start this one. I submitted my AADSAS application last week, and just start looking at UPenn's secondary today. I know plenty of you have started or finished it, so it would...