1. M

    Attire in Clerkships/Rotations

    I am a very poor outfit selector. I needed help from many people to finally dress properly and match my clothes. I am confused about what shoes to wear in rotations. Should I wear comfortable running shoes with my dress shirt and pants? People say to wear something comfortable, but what about...
  2. RaginMD

    Comfortable women's shoes for wards and surgery, what should I buy?

    First and foremost I'm broke as hell so I'm not buying $200 shoes at the moment. Just trying to figure out what to get in terms of affordable and comfortable shoes to wear on clinic days and then a good pair of sneakers or something for the OR or the days I wear scrubs, especially since I have...
  3. WhyNeedAName

    Dress Code Question:

    For interviews (school, job, etc), should a woman like me who is 5'9 wear heels?
  4. S

    Shadowing Attire (Women) -- Shoes

    I am going to be shadowing an internal medicine/cardiologist specialist in a hospital beginning this coming Monday. When I asked, I was told to wear work/business casual clothes, and I will be provided with scrubs and a lab coat later to wear. My main question: what shoes should I wear...
  5. B

    White Coat Ceremony Clothing (Ladies)

    I was just wondering where any girls got their outfits for white coat/what did you wear. I heard white coat is mostly business casual but wanted to hear some insight (sorry this is a pretty trivial question compared to the rest of the questions posted on this site but I would really appreciate...
  6. G

    White Coat attire for girls?

    What do most girls wear to the white coat ceremony? Dress? Shirt and skirt? or Shirt and pants?
  7. W

    Other OT-Related Information What to Wear to Volunteer?

    Hey guys! I am an undergrad who is going to start volunteering at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago soon (WOOO!!!!!) and they recently got rid of the scrubs they had for volunteers to wear for a short time. We are now required to wear "buisness casual" (no jeans, leggings, athletic pants) but...