1. R

    Canadian: University Application - HELP NEEDED!!

    Hi everyone, I am in a very tough academic situation. I am currently a Grade 11 student, going into Grade 12 after summer break and from grade 9-11 these are the courses I have taken and my average (listed below). I was wondering if i would be able to get into in the United States/Canada for...
  2. F

    MA or MS in clinical mental health

    My goal: obtain a license to counselor adult populations as an LPC or LCPC. My question: what are the differences between the MA and MS in Clinical Mental Health? I have heard the MS program is more appropriate for undergrad students who already have a BA in Psychology. I have also read that...
  3. D

    Psych area of study advice (philosophy emphasis, counseling)

    Hi, I am an undergrad psych student trying to figure out which direction to go in my studies. I want to have the option to do counseling/therapy, and I may want to work in a university setting. I am not very interested in serious disorders. I'm pretty sure I want to work with grief and...
  4. Phiner.Determination

    PhD/PsyD 2016 Wait-list Blues Counseling Psychology..

    Hey All! I saw this thread created in previous years and thought it would be great to have a support network! Applied to 12 clinical and counseling programs this cycle. Have completed 3/4 interviews so far. I was wait-listed for a two programs post interview, and alternate for one program...
  5. S

    Clinical or Counseling for what I want to do?

    Hi, I want to specifically become someone who counsels cancer patients only and helps them get through their day and help emotionally. I want to get a PhD though. With what I want to do, is counseling or clinical PhD graduate programs better? thank you.
  6. C

    What will i do now?

    Hello everyone, I'm a 27 years old international student living in US. I need serious advise about my future goal to become a doctor. I started college in 2013 and missed two semester because my father passed away. My financial condition went down and i got 3 F, one in Medical terminology and...
  7. C

    What is it like being a Mental Health Counselor?

    Hello. I have applied to two Masters of Science in Counselor Ed programs. I have my first interview in two weeks. I am wondering if anyone can share with me, what is it like working as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in mental health. I am going to observe one this upcoming week, but I...
  8. B

    Help! LCSW vs. PsyD, senior with no direction

    Hello all! I’m a current senior trying to decide whether to go for an MSW (leading into a LCSW) or a PsyD. My main goal is therapy within a private practice, and making a decent living doing what I love the most—listening to people, and helping them overcome the isolation that comes with mental...
  9. K

    5 Months before Dental School Application.. Do I have a chance?

    I graduated this Fall 2015 majoring in Human Communications with a concentration in Practice and Professional Ethics. I have a minor in Statistics and did my year of inorganic chem, organic chem, physics, and one semester with Biology and biochem. I am planning on taking the DAT Spring 2016...
  10. M

    Help with Personal Statement, Secondaries or anything else

    Hey everyone! I recently graduated from a US allopathic school and I have experience being an interviewer and adcom member. I have worked with MD and DO applicants and offer many services from editing and revising personal statements and secondary essays to interview prep and anything else you...
  11. C

    Bachelors In Family & Child Studies To MSW

    Hello, I am a current Senior at McNeese State University in Louisiana. My major is Sociology with a concentration in Family & Child Studies, which leads to immediate licensure as a Certified Family Life Educator. My degree is somewhat odd, as it's a Sociology degree, but only requires a...