1. Nicole525nld

    UGA: University of Georgia CVM Class of 2026 Applicants

    Creating this thread for the upcoming UGA CVM application cycle! This will be my third time applying to the program! UGA is my dream school. Has anyone that has been rejected by UGA reached out to talk to Parker about what you need in order to strengthen your application? I have obviously done...
  2. EngrSC

    University of Georgia c/o 2024

    IS applicant, non-trad, first time applying. Who’s in? :nailbiting:
  3. M

    University of Tennessee c/o 2023 Applicants

    I haven't seen a thread yet for UTK 2023 applicants. I applied OOS! Who else applied this year?
  4. emlady09

    LMU Class of 2023 Applicants

    Figured I'd start this...who else is looking to apply here?!
  5. Dogtorflower

    Rutgers University successful CVM applicants 2022

    Hey all, not sure how well this post will do, but thought I'd try! Rutgers senior here. Thought it would be interesting to see out of those from Rutgers University that applied to veterinary school this past cycle, how many have been admitted, waitlisted, denied, etc. and to what schools. Im...
  6. F

    (All Schools) Attendance Policies

    Hello! Let me preface this by saying that no, I am not planning to never go to class. ^_^ However, I have three young children, who obviously are my priority. I'm trying to look at this realistically, and know that there will be days that I need to be with my kids rather than be gone at school...
  7. DVM_in_the_making

    LSU c/o 2021

    Ok, Ill start this one! So Ive had my GPA's calculated/posted but haven't heard anything about the ranking yet!
  8. D

    Best Tablet Specs for Vet School

    Howdy All, I will be a 1VM student starting at TAMU CVM in August of 2016! I am considering buying a tablet and have done a considerable amount of shopping around up to this point. I am pretty much sold on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. (I'd be happy to explain why if necessary, mostly personal...