czech republic

  1. A

    Undergraduate student from Texas wanting to complete a medical degree in the Czech Republic.

    Hey, I’m a sophomore at an undergraduate program in Texas (I’m a US citizen with a US passport). I’m currently completing pre medical requirements with an Interdisciplinary Degree (foundations in natural sciences and arts and humanities, with a concentration in health). I want to go medical...
  2. H

    Best Czech Medical College?

    Hey, I would like to know what the best university in czech republic would be for studying medicine in terms of quality of education, recognition, workload, cost etc? I have already qualified for the 2nd Faculty of Medicine and Palacky University and will be sitting for the entrance exams for...
  3. T

    DO student + IMG girlfriend

    Hey guys, Sort of an interesting dilemma. My girlfriend is a junior doctor in the UK. She graduated last year from Czech republic. I have been accepted to a DO school this cycle, and will be graduating 2022. We plan on getting married within the next two years, with her moving here by 2020. She...
  4. K


    I am just about to graduate high school and want to go for a medical degree. Im a south korean national but am currently studying A-Levels in Pakistan, i have 4As in my AS LEVEL. I really want to go abroad for my medical studies, UK doesnt seem to be a good option because i lack in finance and i...
  5. D

    Studying in an International Medical School in Europe vs US Medical School

    I am currently a senior at a US high school. I am debating whether attending UT Austin or UT San Antonio or enrolling in Charles University 2nd Faculty of Medicine. I am a US citizen but lived most of my life abroad because of my parents work, so I am not considered a Texan resident and pay...
  6. medellie

    How is hospital shadowing in Czech Republic?

    Hi guys, I want to get some practical experience in medicine, before applying to university specifically in cardiovascular surgery and spinal surgery, so I decided to partake in some hospital placements program. When I was doing my research I stumbled upon this program called Czech Hospital...
  7. J

    Useful Tools for looking for International Schools

    I came across these very useful sites while researching which foreign schools to apply to. I figured others could use them. Match rates, and USMLE pass/fail Broken down by region http://www.ecfmg.org/resources/publications.html MBC Accredited Schools...
  8. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Czech Republic... Am I CRAZY?!