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  1. baszilion

    25AA / 25PAT / 27TS [2018 DAT] - 2 months prep, materials, tips

    :) Hi all! I took my DAT a few weeks ago and just finished my AADSAS application. Now that I have some time on my hands I thought I'd make this in-depth post sharing my prep and experience in case it helps anyone out there. Here are my scores that I'm pretty happy with: 25 AA [27 TS] 25 PAT /...
  2. M

    DAT bootcamp bio notes vs Dr. Romano Dynamite Bio notes

    Just wondering if anyone has any logical preference of 1 set of notes over the other or any previous posts have covered this topic thx
  3. F

    Bio Destroyer

    Hi guys. So I went through all of cliffs and feralis, and some questions from the destroyer are extremely detailed and go into biochem and specificities of different diseases... I'm sort of freaking out about it... how do I go about the questions that I have no idea how to solve? Do i just make...
  4. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win a free DAT 4-book set from Gold Standard!

    Win the DAT 4-book set developed by the Gold Standard DAT team of authors and editors with academic degrees in dentistry, medicine and the arts as well as Ivy League dental students with exceptional DAT scores (AA: 27). Our DAT books cover the most essential subjects and topics tackled in the...
  5. K

    DAT Biology/Taxonomy

    Hey Everyone! So I have been reviewing for the DAT that i take in about 3.5 weeks. Biology tends to still be my lowest score. Does anyone have any good ways for studying biology? I am not great with reading the Ferralis notes and find myself easily distracted and do not retain much. Also is...
  6. P

    dat bio destroyer 2016 and relevant questions to cliffs ap bio chapters

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if somebody has done this and can possibly tell me which dat destroyer bio 2016 questions correspond to the concepts in the ap bio cliffs book. Basically just wanted to know if I read chapter 2 in cliffs which is on chemistry what questions can I do in destroyer...
  7. P

    DAT Bio Advice

    Hi guys, so I'm taking the DAT on June 28th and I've been studying for the DAT since May 8th. I've pretty much got all of chem, qr, ochem down but I'm struggling with bio. I've gone through chapters 1-8 in bio and I have them down as far as memorizing and understanding the material. I'm having...
  8. Gold Standard Multimedia

    DAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win free DAT Practice Tests from Gold Standard!

    Grab your chance to win 2 full-length DAT practice tests - developed by the Gold Standard DAT team with over 25 years of experience in exam preparation. Our full-length practice tests are online-based (no software program to download), and they mimic the format and question style of the real...
  9. J

    DAT BC vs 2009 DAT practice

    Hi all could someone please explain why in DAT bootcamp there is a question referring to the major extracellular and intracellular buffer systems and bootcamps answers are: Extracellular = bicarbonate Intracellular = phosphate but when i took the 2009 dat practice exam doing biology question...
  10. A


    Hey guys I wanted to seek your opinion on supplementing cliffs with "Kaplan MCAT Biology Review Second Edition" has anybody tried this and succeeded by doing so for the biology section. In my opinion I am just finding cliffs to dry!