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  1. L

    What are some topics you should’ve studied more before your DAT

    I know that we will get different versions of the DAT and we should take it with a strong foundation of the material BUT which topics do you wish you had prepared more for? Which topics showed up more/less on your actual DAT than you expected? I’m learning my strengths and weaknesses by doing an...
  2. L

    Advice on starting a DAT prep

    Im planning on taking the DAT in April 2020 and will be prepping with DATDestroyer, Feralis notes, Dr. Romano's Dynamite bio review, DAT Bootcamp, and PAT Booster. Im a little unsure on how to begin studying for the DAT with the vast amount of information that is covered on it. Would it be wise...
  3. MGA100

    My Dat Experience and Resources

    Hey there future dentists, I thought I would share my experience with regards to the dat that I recently took, as well as give some insight into how I prepared. I will do my best to be brief and concise. Firstly, my scores: PA: 20 QR: 23 RC: 24 Bio: 30 GC: 28 OC: 24 TS: 27 AA: 26 My...
  4. P

    21 AA DAT, Is this good enough?

    Is a 21 AA enough to show strength in academics? It seems that everyone is striving for a 22-24+ AA even though I thought a 21 was still competitive. And I feel as though scores are getting better and better every year. Starting to lose a little faith in my score and even considering a retake...
  5. S

    Free DAT Practice Test through 'March 2 Success' (Peterson's DAT) - Anyone Taken This??

    Has anyone used the free DAT given by "Peterson's" through "March 2 Success"? My pre-health advisor at my University recommended it to me, but I can not seem to find ANY information about other students using it. It would help if I could gauge my scores against other students', because the test...
  6. E

    Low DAT scores...retake and apply for this cycle?

    Hi everyone, I just took my DAT this morning after studying for three months and my scores were awful...I'm so discouraged. I'm aware of the 90-day wait period, but I'm wondering if it's even worth it to try and retake it in September (90 days from now) and attempt to apply for this upcoming...
  7. E

    Alloted Time For Destroyer 2017, Math Destroyer 2017 and Bootcamp?

    Hi guys, I'm nearing the end of my review stage and will start practice questions soon. I may reschedule my test date based on everyone's input (I'd like to pay the $25 reschedule fee as opposed to the $65). How many weeks is sufficient to go through all the materials in DAT Destroyer (2017)...
  8. E

    DAT 6/23/17 Breakdown

    Sorry I'm late to post this but I've been out of town and after reading everybody's breakdowns I feel as though I should give mine : ) (sorry if it's kind of long but I just want to give all of the advice that I can). Let me just start out by saying I studied for 4 1/2 weeks for about 10-12...
  9. niagra_falls


    so going through sdn I keep running into this site but when i try to go on predds.net it doesn't work. can anyone please send me whatever was on that site it would be great or if anyone can just tell me what was there or if it would be useful. thanks
  10. L

    Study Frustration

    Hey guys, I am in my first week of studying for the DAT (taking them 2nd of August). I follow Ari's study guide and change them a bit to better fit what I need to study more or less. I am religiously looking through threads and reading what other people are doing to study. Most people suggest...
  11. B

    DAT Destroyer- Bio+Gen Chem???

    Hey guys I am currently going over DAT Destroyer, and I would like to know how you guys study for it. I go over about 2o bio questions a day, take notes and watch extra videos for question I find confusing to really understand the topic, so far it has been working out well for me. However, it...
  12. A

    Should I retake DAT?

    Hey guys, I just took the DAT. I am unsure to whether I should retake it or not. I am planning to apply for this cycle (2017 cycle). Would have any chances as a "late"applicant with these scores? PA:19 RC:19 QR:16 GC:17 OC:20 AA/TS/PA :18/18/19 My cumulative GPA: 3.7 Science GPA: 3.51
  13. RJLIL

    Crack DAT Bio

    I came across a question that asks me which of the following enzymes are produced in the Salivary Glands. From Cliff and feralis notes, i know it is Amylase but the answer was: Amylase, Lysozyme and Lipase. I thought that Lipase is produced by the pancreas and used in the small intestine...
  14. A

    Dat Destroyer Guidance

    I wanted to seek guidance on what would be the best strategy to use with destroyer because a lot of threads I have personally read say to go through destroyer twice but wouldn't you by convention remember the answer from previous. Also after answering the questions what should you do after to...
  15. T

    CrackDAT coupon code

    Hi All, I am wondering if you know any CrackDAT coupon codes? Thank you very much!!
  16. P

    Reapplicant - Need Advice!

    Hey everyone! Congrats to all those who have been accepted and good luck to those who will be applying/reapplying this upcoming cycle! I am in need of some advice for my current situation. I applied to dental schools this past cycle and have received a couple of interviews but was waitlisted...
  17. A

    1 week left until the DAT...need advice.

    Exactly a week before my DAT..I DO NOT feel prepared at all. Unfortunately, my financial and time situation isn't the best so I really can not afford to reschedule it again. Any advice? I've taken 3 BC tests..have 2 more to take + ADA 2009. I'm reviewing about 20 q's of destroyer each day for...
  18. I

    DAT Study Schedule- 2 months

    Hi everyone, I wanted to know if you guys have any recommendations for study schedules on a shorter time span maybe 8 weeks? I tried to follow Ari's DAT study guide, but didn't work as well for me. I am a bio major, and don't know the best way going about the material: I have the CLiffs AP bio...
  19. A

    Organic Chemistry Reactions

    I'm having trouble dealing/memorizing Organic Chemistry Reactions. Are there any sort of online simulator's that has just reactions? Or anyone recommend any advice? I've just completed destroyer for Ochem & it helped me out, but not enough. I'm going to review it again in upcoming 2-3 weeks...