1. J

    Need advice please~

    Hi guys! I need advice on whether I should reschedule my MCAT date or not. I am currently signed up for the date of August 4th 2018. I have not started studying yet because I am still in school and I have so much school stuff to do and no time to study for the MCAT. I start my summer on June...
  2. T

    When is the latest date I can give up my seat?

    I have paid deposits at two schools. When is the latest date I can give up my seat at on school?
  3. T

    How many seats are available by late January?

    Are there still a good amount of seats in most medical schools? Are interviews in late January usually for the waitlist or are there still a decent amount of sets open? Essentially do interviews become much more difficult and the chances of getting a spot much slimmer by late January?
  4. ccrain24

    Medical School Admissions for Fall 2018 deadlines Texas

    I have a problem. I'm an Arkansas student, but a Texas resident. I'm applying for medical school this summer. However, my premedical advisory committee works to get people into Arkansas medical schools, so they do not make my premedical committee letter until October (Arkansas medical schools do...
  5. sagooch

    MCAT test center double booked - exam pushed back/when to apply

  6. V

    Taking MCAT May immediately after taking Biochem and Physics 2?

    I am wondering if lots of people do this/if it's recommended: I plan on taking Physics 2 and Biochem the spring of my junior year, and I was wondering if it is a good idea to take the MCAT in May, right after finishing those two courses, or even in April when I have yet to completely finish...
  7. DrHalsey

    Best date to take the MCAT in 2016

    I am finishing up my Biochemistry/Molecular Biology hybrid class and I should walk out with a B. I will be taking an upper level Microbiology class next spring. Once those are complete I will be 1 semester away from graduation. My question is this: I plan to study practice questions throughout...
  8. I

    MCAT 2016 Score Lifetime

    Hi You All wonderful people I am planning on taking the MCAT in 2016. I am currently a Sophomore in undergrad. I know most Med Schools will only allow scores <= 3 years old; will taking the test in 2016 allow me to take a gap year and matriculate in 2019 or do I need to matriculate in 2018...
  9. A

    Interview date and acceptance correlation?

    Does anyone know if the date of the interview invitation has anything to do with the extent to which a school is interested in you? Here's my specific example: My state school has been offering interviews since early September. I have been following the school specific thread, and everyone for...