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  1. M

    Should I do a post bacc program or declare a chemistry minor?

    Hi everyone, I am in a senior in George Mason, and until a couple month ago I decided that I wanted to become a psychiatrist. I am a psych major with a 3.4 GPA and I haven't taken any of the chemistry premed requirements yet. I have two options, either declare a minor in chemistry which will...
  2. C

    Transfer license to Washington DC/Maryland

    hi! anyone have advice in how to easily transfer license? my understanding is I have to take both the MPJE. coming from california so i never took the MJPE - do i have take it twice for both maryland and then for dc? Or is it there is a general MPJE and hten a subsection for each state? Any...
  3. I

    OUWB vs Georgetown

    OUWB pros: close to home, newer facilities, less competitive, students seem happier and more social, almost a 100% matching, already found housing cons: in-state (I've always lived in Michigan so I feel like I won't grow as much), newer school so not as established, attendance is mandatory...
  4. 2

    Free Clinic Volunteer Opportunities in DC/Maryland/Virginia Area?

    I was wondering if any of you have had any volunteer positions at a free clinic in the DMV area that allowed you to have hands-on experience, such as doing intake for patients? I have not had any luck in finding a clinic and I don't want to get stuck with an administrative position that will end...
  5. I

    Volunteering/Shadowing Leads in DC/MD/VA

    Hi all, I'm a non-traditional applicant currently working full-time in a non-medical field. I've been having trouble finding doctor's offices or clinics in the DMV area that are open to non-student volunteers who are only available during non-business hours (anytime other than 9am-6pm on...
  6. Mr. Org & Elles

    UMass vs. George Washington (2 days to decide!!)

    UPDATE: I was offered a $10k scholarship to GW. That makes GW $20k cheaper per year, $80k in total before interest. I'd love some thoughts on this please! I was planning on going to UMass but was accepted to GW yesterday. I have to decide by the end of this week. Please help! University of...
  7. FutureOPT20

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Trinity Washington M.O.T

    Hello everyone! I wanted to know if there was anyone on here that has either applied, or attended trinity's MOT program that can give me some info on the school? I know thats it's a new blended program and was interested in applying once I'm done with undergrad. I haven't seen many threads on...
  8. C

    Employment & Professional Networking New Grad OTR in Virginia/DC

    Hi! I'm a new grad OTR (just graduated in December and passed boards in February!). I'm a Texan about to relocate to DC/Virginia area. I'm very nervous because I'm pretty knowledgeable about all of big hospitals/facilities in Texas, but I know absolutely nothing about the DC/Virginia area. The...
  9. A

    Position Swap IM in Philadelphia looking for swap in DC area for PGY2

    Hello All I'm an intern in Philadelphia IM Program looking for a swap in PGY2 to DC/MD/VA area - for family reasons. Please let me know if interested. thanks!