deferred admission

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    Deferring pharmacy acceptance

    So I have 6 interviews coming up and my husband and I are trying to clear out our massive debt before I take off and we lose an entire income. Anyone deferred with a financial excuse without issue? Trying to find stuff all over but cant seem too except UT memphis will give you any reason to...
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    NYUCD defer admission?

    does anyone know if NYUCD allows accepted applicants to defer admission by a year?
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    deferring admission

    Hello everyone, I've received admission to my top choice school for 2017 entry. However, I will be completing my masters degree around the same as orientation and I also have the opportunity to present my research at various conferences and finish writing manuscripts for publication throughout...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Deferred enrollment - Occupational Therapy

    I'm applying to OT schools currently, and am entering my final year of my undergrad this Fall. I will not be taking a gap year. I am wondering if OT programs allow deferred enrollment? As I will be fully financially responsible for myself, I will need to work and go to school in order to pay...
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    Northwestern Deferral or Withdraw/Reapply to more desired med school

    Hello, This past cycle, I was accepted to both Northwestern and UHawaii Medical School (I am a hawaii resident). While this may seem like an obvious choice for most, I was conflicted between the two because I really wanted to go home after having spent the past 4 years away for undergraduate...
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    Rejecting an acceptance if I can't defer

    Hi everyone, There may be a thread for this already but I can't find it, so: I'm a Texas resident and I matched (was accepted) at my first choice school, UTMB. However, for various reasons, I know that it would not be a good idea for me to matriculate in the fall, which was not clear to me when...