1. D

    Is being a dentist really that bad?

    https://bloggerdds.weebly.com/blog/dentistry-sucks This post makes it seem like being a dentist is horrible. The the points that scare me the most are the financials. Do you really only make $100,000? I don’t particularly plan to open a practice, and I will be going to a dental school that is...
  2. P

    Any dentists with scoliosis?

    Just wondering if any working dentists here have scoliosis, and if it influences your work at all? I am 24 y/o pre-dental student with a 25 degree curvature in my upper spine. My doctor didn't seem concerned with it. Just curious to know if any actual dentists here have scoliosis and how you...
  3. R

    Desperate need of help...

    So recently I’ve been going to a local dentist that takes Medicaid to get my fillings and root canals done. During one root canal the sx file separated near the root of my tooth. My dentist said I have to visit a specialist/endodontist so they can remove it or file around it. So we went to the...
  4. W

    Class of 2021: Holding multiple seats.

    I started this thread to discuss those who hold multiple seats before committing to one school. If you can post what schools you are holding a seat and reason. In addition if you are interviewing soon at a school you would drop your current acceptance to, please share. PLEASE do not be specific...
  5. S

    Specialty Finder - Dentist & Specialists

    Specialty Finder helps dentists instantly find specialists that compete for your business. We help increase production for both parties. No longer fear losing patients because of outside referrals. Increase patient retention & satisfaction by having specialists perform procedures in your...
  6. Zentist007

    Can Dental Students write scholarly yet practical articles?

    Are you a dental student who also likes writing CREATIVE blogs/articles to current or trending issues in the dentistry? The web is full of boring messages that current dental patients have hard time connecting with...only new generation can change it. Some topics could be: Affordability...
  7. distalmarginalridge

    What do we do about the Dentist Problem?

    Seems like the Dentists are getting out of hand again. Every other month I turn on the news and see a dentist has killed another patient. When will they learn? They are not doctors. They are not anesthesiologists. They can't diagnose. They don't know path. They can barely read an x-ray. They...
  8. FLVettrain

    Dentistry is how long?

    Hello, how long does dentistry take to complete? Tuition estimate? What about for Cosmetic dentistry? Like working on peoples teeth? What about to work as an Orthodontist Assistant?
  9. U

    Advertisement Blog on dental hygiene

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  10. E

    UCLA Preceptorship 2016

    hey guys, I'm applying for UCLA preceptorship program in 2016! anyone on the same boat??
  11. C

    To all Dentistry students or Dentist...

    At what age where you when you finished your Dental School?
  12. A

    Who knows the Russian language?

    Hello dear students and practicing dentists! Say, there are those among you who know Russian language?