disciplinary record

  1. C

    Disciplinary sanction due to noise complaint

    Hi everyone. So freshman year of my undergrad, the residential advisor wrote us up because of a noise complaint. This was the second time this was happening to me and I had to attend a meeting with one of the housing disciplinary staff. It was very minor and she sent me an email after saying I...
  2. H

    Alcohol IA Help

    Recently, I received an IA for being intoxicated and walking into the wrong room on my residence hall floor. I was given disciplinary probation for 2 months. Although I am a freshman currently, I know I will have to report this on medical school applications. I just wanted to know how badly this...
  3. P

    How will this IA affect my chances?

    I'm probably getting a minor disciplinary action for alcohol. This disciplinary action is basically wiped the moment I graduate so I have no idea if I should even report it--how would med schools even be able to learn about it? But I’ve looked through SDN and it seems like underage drinking by...
  4. bikinitop

    Help! School Disregarding Their Late Attendance Policy

    Hi everyone, I’m 3 months into med school and have had a few issues with arriving early, usually due to unpredictability in traffic and the rare personal issue and now I’m being threatened with expulsion due to lateness even though I haven’t been late, based on their policy. Class begins at...
  5. E

    MD Should I disclose it?

  6. H

    When does a Title IX investigation constitute an IA?

    Hi all, This is obviously a very sensitive issue, but I will try to be concise. I am aware of an ex-friend who has sexually assaulted several (at least 3, but I would estimate a total of 7) people who were unconscious around him over the years. It began in high school; he is ashamed and has...
  7. H

    Disciplinary Suspension and Medical/Dental School

    Hey all, I am currently a recent graduate of a top 10 university on my gap year doing clinical research. I was involved in a pretty serious incident the fall of my senior year. Basically what happened was, I was at a bar (not intoxicated) and some drunk dinguses picked a fight with me and...
  8. B

    Disciplinary Probation

    Hello everyone! So, the day before my first day of college (freshman year), the only person I knew at this school told me to come with her to a dorm, and there ended up being alcohol. I didn't drink, and I left with her and a couple of her friends about 2 hours later. I ended up getting an...
  9. G

    From undergrad suspension to med school?

    Hi all so I am getting suspended from college for a year for a really dumb cheating incident that occurred back when I was a freshman. I won't serve my punishment until after my sophomore year because I was fighting the case. During that time I will be joining the Army National Guard as a medic...
  10. T

    Rescinded acceptance for omitting disciplinary info.

    I recently was accepted to school. I have had no intention of hiding my disciplinary history from it; in fact, the worst of it I did report. It was actually the very minor conflicts I had with my undergraduate school's housing office that did me in. My acceptance was rescinded based on...
  11. C

    Getting into Med School after being Suspended in undergrad

    Hi, I am about to be applying to medical school starting in June 2016 and I was wondering if anyone has applied with a major disciplinary record and could shed light. I was suspended after hitting another girl (EDIT: I am also female) who had pushed me into a wall at a party I was only 18 at the...