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    MD Should I disclose it?

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    When does a Title IX investigation constitute an IA?

    Hi all, This is obviously a very sensitive issue, but I will try to be concise. I am aware of an ex-friend who has sexually assaulted several (at least 3, but I would estimate a total of 7) people who were unconscious around him over the years. It began in high school; he is ashamed and has...
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    Disciplinary Suspension and Medical/Dental School

    Hey all, I am currently a recent graduate of a top 10 university on my gap year doing clinical research. I was involved in a pretty serious incident the fall of my senior year. Basically what happened was, I was at a bar (not intoxicated) and some drunk dinguses picked a fight with me and...
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    Disciplinary Probation

    Hello everyone! So, the day before my first day of college (freshman year), the only person I knew at this school told me to come with her to a dorm, and there ended up being alcohol. I didn't drink, and I left with her and a couple of her friends about 2 hours later. I ended up getting an...
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    From undergrad suspension to med school?

    Hi all so I am getting suspended from college for a year for a really dumb cheating incident that occurred back when I was a freshman. I won't serve my punishment until after my sophomore year because I was fighting the case. During that time I will be joining the Army National Guard as a medic...
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    Rescinded acceptance for omitting disciplinary info.

    I recently was accepted to school. I have had no intention of hiding my disciplinary history from it; in fact, the worst of it I did report. It was actually the very minor conflicts I had with my undergraduate school's housing office that did me in. My acceptance was rescinded based on...
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    Getting into Med School after being Suspended in undergrad

    Hi, I am about to be applying to medical school starting in June 2016 and I was wondering if anyone has applied with a major disciplinary record and could shed light. I was suspended after hitting another girl (EDIT: I am also female) who had pushed me into a wall at a party I was only 18 at the...