Disciplinary sanction due to noise complaint

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Jul 9, 2023
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Hi everyone. So freshman year of my undergrad, the residential advisor wrote us up because of a noise complaint. This was the second time this was happening to me and I had to attend a meeting with one of the housing disciplinary staff. It was very minor and she sent me an email after saying I have received a “formal warning” and it is expected that I understand the noise policy and adhere to the rules in the future.

I submitted my dental school apps last week and said No when they asked about any disciplinary infractions. However just yesterday, this incident came to my mind. It looks like I can made updates to my already submitted app, so does anyone have any advice or experience with this situation?

I’m so mad at myself for not remembering everything and hope that this won’t be the reason I don’t get into dental school.

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It may happen later on that schools that accept you will ask for a Dean's certification letter regarding your student conduct record. First thing you need to do is go to the conduct office to see if it is still on your record. Then you need their help to describe the circumstances so you can send it a an update to programs where you applied. You will need to disclose it as soon as you are able. You probably won't get dinged, but full disclosure is required.