1. J

    What age did you get accepted into med school?

    What age were you when you got accepted into med school? Did you have to go back to get your undergrad or another degree before applying? If so what was your age were you when you went back to college? What is your specialty?
  2. Perchperkins

    Is it still worth asking doctors to let you shadow them during a time like this?

    This question may seem silly but I guess it’s worth asking. I’m an incoming sophomore premed student. In my freshman year I was just getting into volunteering but since COVID happened, we got sent home and the hospital suspended volunteering for a bit. Now that we are going back to college for...
  3. RT2DO

    An Anesthesiologist venting out! Thoughts?
  4. P

    MD in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Hi! I will be starting medical school this upcoming summer and was curious about MD's in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Three questions: 1) Is it realistic to practice clinically (even if it's one or two days a week) AND also be involved in drug development research? 2) If so, what steps would...
  5. B

    Genetic theft?!

    Deceptive conception alleged by dad's suit " In a lawsuit reinstated this week by the Illinois Appellate Court, Dr. Richard Phillips says his former girlfriend, Dr. Sharon Irons, secretly collected sperm from him, then inseminated herself. " I was in middle school when this happened. Being...
  6. T

    Hospitals with hottest residents/doctors?

    Just for fun, nobody get mad! I'm wondering which hospitals you've been to or experienced with the hottest doctors/residents or anyone who works there, and maybe what specialty they were too.
  7. damusiel

    Emergency Medicine or Psychiatry

    I am currently a high school student and thinking about a career in healthcare. I was considering the specialties of emergency medicine, or general surgery. Emergency medicine because i always liked horror movies and the adrenaline rush, I am a calm when there is a crisis, and want to help short...
  8. P

    Whats up with MD thinking theyre superior to vets/others

    Probably not the best place to post but I also want vet, pre-vet and vet students opinions. I just don't understand why/ where doctors and health care workers period have/get a god complex. Not only that but I've read stories of doctors/ pediatricians trying to medicate their own animals, along...
  9. DeterminedMan

    I need some help please

    I'm a junior in high school and I've wanted to become an anesthesiologist since I was knee high to a grass hopper. Next year I'm going to shadow an anesthesiologist during my senior year of high school. There's a slight problem I wasn't very smart about my ninth and tenth grade year. My GPA is...
  10. Robert W Jones

    Advertisement Appointment Reminders Software - GetReminds - only $49/mo

    Hi everyone, Check our new software as a service for doctors and clinics, GetReminds automates appointment reminders process and reduces no-shows by 70%. We have successful cases where GetReminds generate $6500/mo. Call us today at (646) 757-1654 for a Demo or any other...
  11. prepremed18079

    Please someone tell me what I should do.!!!!

    So at the Academic Medical center near me there is an Emergency Medicine Resident who is PGY-3 and he went to Duke university for undergrad, med school, and law school. Duke is my number one college choice and I am considering emergency medicine. I know most places/attendings dont allow resident...
  12. D

    Health informatics -vs -bioinformatics . which has better jobs in US for foreign medical graduates?

    if a doc wants to change careers, what should he/she opt, bioinformatics or health informatics in US? doc is foreign medical graduate with 3 yrs experience in Germany, ECFMG certified, does not have US medical license is, non us citizen. since no US license, no CMIO job, I am aware. but still...
  13. N

    For Sale 5th Ave., Dr. Office for sale

    Located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods on the Upper East Side, on the famous, iconic and elegant block, is 851 Fifth Avenue, offered for sale for the first time in many years. This prime office space with its excellent location and entrance directly on Fifth Avenue, has stunning...
  14. Mimi B

    Renting BEAUTIFUL 4 BEDROOMS with LARGE Closets AVAILABLE in Queens NY

    AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE MOVE-IN: Call 917-561-5501 Renting 4 Separate Private Bedrooms each at $850 including Utilities on 2nd floor of Large Private House. No more than 4 adults maximum Apartment has Own Private Entrance Each Room with LARGE Closets Common Kitchen Common Bathroom Common...
  15. H

    MD/MBA Testimonials for Newly matriculating MD student

    I know there are multiple threads about this but they seem to be quite general. I was wondering if anyone could provide a testimonial on their experience as an MD/MBA. This post is specifically for those who got into medical school and then decided to possibly do their schools Dual Degree...
  16. neuroace

    Issues in your medical field

    Hi there, Writing a medical research paper- wanted to know what problems do you face in your respective medical field? Problems or issues that commonly arise. Appreciate your constructive input.