dpt interview

  1. N

    Hunter College DPT Interview

    Hello I recently got notified about having an interview with Hunter College for their DPT program and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to expect and what questions they may ask during the interview? Thanks!
  2. L

    University of Indianapolis

    Hey everyone, I applied to UIndy and received an email today stating: "Although faculty were impressed with your materials, a limited number of interview opportunities exist and we are unable to extend you an offer at this time. You are currently being placed on a waitlist for consideration...
  3. J

    Resources For DPT Interview

    Hey guys, The interview cycle will be opening in July, and I am a little bit scared about the interview process. Besides that, my grades, volunteer hours, etc. are up to par. Although I am great at working with people, I do tend to get very nervous when I am on the spot. I think its because...
  4. P


    Hi guys, I feel that I have a very strong application for PT school, however sometimes I cant make the correct words come out during pressure...ie interviews. I was wondering if anyone knew any resources that talk about potential questions that are asked, and maybe even how to develop an...
  5. L

    South College DPT summer 2018 start date

    Is anyone waiting to hear back from South College? If you have been accepted, what was the interview like? What did you think of their hybrid program? I would really appreciate any feedback, thank you!!
  6. O

    Plymouth State DPT

    Has anyone interviewed at Plymouth State already ( last year or this year)? How did it go? Aso if you are already in the program how do you like it?
  7. P

    University of South Alabama DPT Interview

    Hi guys! I have an interview with USA on Feb 16th. Can anybody tell me what kind of questions would they ask and how do they conduct interviews? Thank you
  8. Bluboy

    UTHSCSA 2017 DPT Interview

    Hey everyone! I wanted to start a thread for those who are attending the UTHSCSA Interview next week so we can connect! Feel free to share any information you have on the process or program!
  9. E

    Interviews...how are they going?!

    How are everybody's interviews going so far? Style- relaxed or more serious and intense?
  10. H

    University of New England Interview

    Hey! I will be attending an interview for the DPT program at the University of New England in Portland, Maine on 11/04. I am traveling from out-of-state and was wondering if anyone else will be going or has already attended their interview. I would love any insight on good hotels or what cool...
  11. E

    Interview Questions

    Hi everybody! I was recently invited for an ED interview for Elon's DPT program. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on what to expect for an interview: what questions will they most likely ask me, any questions I should ask them, things like that. Any advice would be highly...
  12. R

    Common Pre-PT questions?!?

    I am a third year DPT student, and have started a vlog concerning all things PT school. I have had many requests to shed some light on the process of applying, getting in, and so forth regarding PT school. I'm hoping to discover the most common questions you, as Pre-PT students, have as you're...
  13. P

    2 week Study Abroad in Jan...Interfere with interviews?

    I am applying to PT school this summer of 2016 and am planning to take a 2 week study abroad from January 1st-12th for an English Composition class. Will this interfere with interview dates?
  14. P

    Indiana State University

    Hey Guys! So I was just offered an interview at Indiana State University which obviously I am going to go but I do not know much about the school or previous students that have gone there. I know that they are still in the accreditation process but I also know they have had at least one class...
  15. T

    preparing for the interview

    I got two interviews. One from UCSF and the other is from Samuel Merritt. I am exited and really want to prepare well for both of them. So, hopefully we could all share some tips for interview here. thank y'all
  16. T

    30 year old trying to get into PT school..

    I've recently made a career change to quit my job and go back to school and take the prerequisites for most PT schools. A few things worry me though. First, my cumulative GPA is not good. I started college in 2004 and got horrible grades in the beginning. Around my junior year I began to...
  17. DPT28806

    Any Western Carolina DPT Students out there?

    Hello Current or Alumni WCU DPT students! I am lucky to have an interview with WCU DPT next weekend. I was curious to know how you like the program, thoughts on faculty, and/or any tips on the interview process. Any info would be helpful! Thanks in advance!!
  18. D

    Rutgers Newark (North) DPT Interview

    Hope all is well and everyone's applications are going smoothly! I was hoping someone could provide some insight on the Rutgers Newark DPT Interview. I was granted an interview for this Friday, Nov. 20th and want to be as prepared as possible so any questions I should expect or anything else of...