early application

  1. mandyads

    Early Apply & Unreliable Application

    Hi All (looking for actually advise/experience, not a list), I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of school. I found...
  2. A

    Early Application+Individual LORs or Late Application+Committee Letter?

    Hey people, so I’m kind of in a predicament here and was looking for some thoughts and opinions. I’m currently filling out the AADSAS application and wanted to have it finished by June 5 to submit it as soon as it opens up. However, I’m realizing this won’t happen if I want to get a committee...
  3. D

    Submit application

    Hi: I have nearly finished with all of the application. But I have not let anyone check my supplement short essay (within 1000 or 500 characters) yet. Today is June 30th. Should I submit them now or just wait until July 3rd(when the on-campus writing center open)? Is it too late? By the way...
  4. flotsam

    Apply now vs. wait for one last post-bac grade

    Hi all, Should I apply now without this last grade (with an sGPA of 3.36) to make sure I'm on the early side, but exclude this final grade from my sGPA? Or, should I wait it out and hope I get my new transcript processed by the end of June and submit by 6/30? Any advice is sincerely appreciated!
  5. M

    Pushing back my MCAT

    Hello everyone, So my test is scheduled for June 16th and I don't feel really confident. I just want to take it once, so I am willing to push my test back util July 22nd, and there are still seats open nearby my city for that date. I have my letters all sent in to my university, they will be...
  6. HopefulDoc91

    DO Does 3 weeks make a difference when applying?

    I'm thinking about holding off on submitting my application until June 1st when I get my final transcript. This means DO schools would get my application about 3 weeks later than I originally planned. If they get my application by July 10th-ish, is this still considered early? Or am I better off...
  7. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    When to start apps as a Canadian applicant?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently waiting on interview results up here in Canada but anticipating the possibility I will need to re-apply this coming cycle. Will be applying in both Canada and US this year if necessary. I'm looking at buying the MSAR and picking appropriate schools for my stats but...
  8. Babbitt4MVP

    Should I take the MCAT earlier and apply earlier or take a little extra time to study?

    I'm deciding between June 1st and June 16th for my test date. I graduate in late April, so I'll have about 4 weeks to study full-time if I choose June 1st and 6 weeks to study if I choose June 16th. I realize that it takes about a month for med schools to receive MCAT scores, and they won't...
  9. ferna149

    General Admissions & OTCAS How long does it take to get verified?

    Hello! I just e-submitted my application on OTCAS yesterday and was just wondering if anyone knows typically how long it takes to get verified. Also, being that I submitted fairly early for this cycle, does it make a difference? I applied to USC's early decision and was wondering if anyone knew...
  10. kirby123

    How to calculate GPA?

    Hi all, 1. Do I just need to follow this format when making an excel sheet for my GPA (from page 9 in the application instructions guide): Course Name - Letter Grade - Grade Weight x Semester Hours = Total Quality Points Then you divide the Total Quality Points by Semester Hours to get your...
  11. A

    Can I work on AADSAS application early?

    Hello everyone, I was told that some of you SDNers have the 2015 AADSAS application questions. I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to share a PDF, Word, or any other version of it with me. If this is not possible then does anyone know a brief summary of the questions asked and the exact...