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  1. K

    EK 101 Verbal or Ek 101 CARS?

    Hi! I was reading Nymeria's MCAT study schedule and saw that she recommended the EK 101 Verbal. In other forums I've seen people saying that the new EK101 CARS is bad, and that the old EK 101 Verbal is better. Currently EK sells EK 101 Verbal on their website, but does anyone know if they've...
  2. P

    EK 101 Biology (Molecules) Scores

    What % correct should I be aiming for on EK 101 Biology - Molecules? I've been getting 60-70% correct and am usually very rushed by the end because it takes so long to understand what is going on in the passages. Should I be worried about my performance on these passages?
  3. T

    Selling everything. (EK, AAMC, FL EXAMS, TBR, FLASH CARDS) ETC...

  4. L

    For Sale MCAT books: AAMC OG, flash cards TBR, TPR, Kaplan, (new edition) EK 101 CARS, BIO

    Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: Book (Kaplan Test Prep) 2nd edition - $70 - Minimal markings. Some books haven't been used. Highlights on other books. Questions may have check marks. - Includes 7 books and quick sheet The Berkeley Review Complete MCAT Book Set - 10 books...
  5. K

    EK 10th bio or New TBR

    I'm debating which books to buy. From anyone's experience is it still advisable to use EK for content and new TBR for passages? I have seen from a few threads that EK 10th ed. bio's passages now surpass TBR's? So now would it be advisable to just get EK 10th ed. bio I & II rather than both...
  6. S

    EK Physics 101 question

    Working through EK Physics 101 passages, in particular Test 3A, question 46: "Many bed-side patient lift assists use hydraulics to provide a mechanical advantage. What force should be applied, and to which piston, to provide 700N lifting assistance? Piston A has a diameter of 4cm, and piston B...
  7. 11hd93

    For sale: MCAT EK Series, EK 101 Biochem Passages, PR CARS Workbook

    Selling EK Series 9th edition. It is highlighted and some all marked out so the quizzes and exams can be taken. EK 101 Passages Biology 1: Molecules - Biochemistry practice - Brand New. Never used. PR - MCAT 2915 CAR Workbook - 20 Passages and 4 CARS test. - first 5 passage highlighted but...
  8. Sarebear

    Wanting to BUY: EK FULL SET (for 2015), EK 1001, EK 101 VR

    Please comment below and include if there are new or used (how used?) and pictures, please! Thank you! I'm willing to purchase ASAP!
  9. G

    For Sale A ton of MCAT Books for Sale!!!!!: BR, Kaplan, EK, TPR

    I am selling a bunch of MCAT Books. All of these books are in GREAT condition and have absolutely no markings in them. I would like to keep the books in their respective companies set (e.g Kaplan, BR, EK...). However, I am willing to part them out individually if need be. The Berkeley Review...
  10. joe7456

    How do you improve from week to week?

    Dear MCAT conquerors; What habit did you develop that helped you think more critical and tailor the new MCAT? I have been scoring in the consistent 50-60% on nearly all my passages. I scored 500 on NS 2. 501 on NS 3. 497 NS 5. I feel discouraged and think I may just be reinforcing repetitive...
  11. D

    SELLING MCAT Prep Books: The Berkeley Review (TBR) 2015 and ExamKrackers (EK) 2015 LIKE NEW

    I just took the MCAT this summer doing self study with these two book sets and am now looking to sell them so they can help other people! NONE of the books have ever been written in and all were bought just 6 months ago, so they are all in great condition. The Berkeley Review Complete 10 Book...
  12. B

    Selling MCAT Prep: EK 2015 Full Set, EK 1001 set, TBR old, Offical MCAT Guide,

    I've got my MCAT prep stuff up for sale. Heres what I have. Pics available upon request, just have to get over to my parent's house to take the pictures for you. SOLD-Examkrackers MCAT 2015 9th Edition-$100: Minimal hightlighting almost no writing in these, bought in 2014. -Verbal Reasoning...
  13. N

    For Sale MCAT Examkrackers 9th full set & 1001/101 & Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook

    MCAT 2015 Examkrackers full set (9th ed.): new EK 1001 Physics, Chemistry: excellent condition, no marking EK 101 Verval reasoning 2nd ed.: great condition, no marking TPR Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Workbook: good condition, some highlighting/marking I also have Kaplan MCAT High yield problem...
  14. MsAfrikanQueen

    Princeton Review, Ekamkrackers, and Kaplan Review books for Sale

    I am selling the resources below for the price listed beside it, I will considered negotiating the entire lot for a fair price. I will update the ad when books are no longer available. These prices do not include shipping. I am located in the DMV area for anyone in the area. Examkrackers 101...
  15. L

    For Sale MCAT Books/Bundle (TBR, Hyperlearning Verbal, EK 1001, Official Guide +more)

    Hello everyone, I have a variety of MCAT books for sale. I would sell the bundle for $225 flat. The Berkeley Review (2012- Gen Chem I and II, Physics I and II, Organic I and II, Biology I and II)- all of the questions/passages are completely unmarked, probably about 10-15 pages of the content...
  16. L

    For Sale EK 101 & TPR MCAT workbooks

    SELLING: -ExamKrackers MCAT 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning (2nd edition) - $15 -Princeton Review MCAT Hyperlearning Science Workbook 2008. Very useful for the new 2015 mcat bc it has a lot of tough questions requiring critical thinking. - $20 -Princeton Review MCAT HyperLearning Verbal...
  17. oldaccount