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    Applying for Endodontic Residency with a Significant Other

    Hello all I am considering applying for an endodontics residency. The lack of endo's participation in match can make this very challenging and often requires applicants to make quick, life-changing decisions with little notice. As a planner, this bothers me. Anyways, my question boils down to...
  2. P

    Is ADAT needed for ENDO Residency

    Hey guys, Im in my 4th year, and I was considering applying to endo next cycle for 2020. I know only some programs require ADAT, while others accept it, but would it increase my chances if I were to take it?
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    Endodontic Residency Interviews 2019

    Lets keep a running list of interview dates. As you get them please update this list with the date(s) of the interview, and how you got the invite (phone or email). Please use the other ENDO 2019 thread for other questions regarding applications. University of Alabama at Birmingham-July 13...
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    Switching from GI to endocrinology

    Hi, I started my GI fellowship and completed 8 months of first year now. My interest for the field is lost (Quit GI) and would like to switch to a specialty with (in no specific order) Good lifestyle Interest for specialty Decent money Less liability I'm considering endocrinology and would...
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    ENDO to OMFS

    Current Endo resident here extremely interested in OMFS. Is it possible and practical to practice concurrently as an endodontist and oral surgeon? I know endodontists that place implants, but I'm more interested in the broader scope of OS in addition to endo. Any feedback from practicing or...
  7. W

    Trouble getting in endo

    I'm a foreign trained dentist trying to get in an endodontics residency. I graduate in 2010 with a not so great GPA, got a 90 and an 80 in NBDE I and II respectively, did AEGD in the US, got a 90 in ADAT, practicing in Florida and has been applying for endo for 3 years. I never even got an...
  8. C

    Learning the ProTaper System

    I went to a school where we were never taught how to use rotary, only hand filing. I am currently working at a practice and they have the ProTaper system. I enjoy doing endo and there are cases I would like to work on. For those who have been in a situation where they were only taught hand...
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    OMFS vs. ENDO

    Which is more stressful/hectic day to day in private practice and which has the harder road to opening a practice? What are private practice oral surgeons and endodontists ACTUALLY making? "Average" salaries posted on career websites don't seem remotely accurate.....(i'm very interested in both...
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    ADEA PASS: Is it possible to have two different letters of rec from the same professor?

    I'm applying to both GPRs and ENDO programs and want one professor to write separate LORs for each. PASS is not letting me request two letters from the same professor....any way around this?
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    Harvard, PENN, and Columbia ENDO

    Anyone know any details about these endo programs? Specifically, do they accept D4s and allow moonlighting?
  12. M

    Interested in endodontics residency

    Hello, I'm interested in applying to endo residencies this spring and want to know if anyone has a list of programs that have a track record of accepting students straight out of dental school? Also, as a D3/D4, what kinds of grades, extracurriculars, etc. would make a competitive applicant...
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    ENDO 2018

    Does anyone who is applying/applied to midwest ENDODONTIC programs like Marquette, UIC, etc. know if they accept students right out of dental school? What makes a D4 desirable to endo program directors? Also, what other programs have a track record of accepting D4s? Any feedback is appreciated.
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    PVS, Integrity, Endo Supplies For Sale

    Aquasil Ultra XLV (Orange) Expiration 2018-06 3 full boxes, $100 each. Each box contains 4 cartridges and 12 tips (unopened) 2 cartridges without tips, $20 each Aquasil Ultra Monophase (Purple) Expiration 2018-06 4 full boxes, $100 each. Each box contains 4 cartridges and 12 tips (unopened) 2...
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    Hola! I'm wondering if there are any dentists from the Caribbean who have taken the Adex exam. I found out recently that ADEX is being offered in Jamaica and I'm considering doing it there. If anyone would be willing to give any tips, help, advice on how to successfully obtain Adex status? Also...
  16. S

    CDCA (NERB) Exam Site Change to UDM

    Hey guys, I have to take the CDCA Endo/Prosth manikin portion of the exam away from my home school (IU School of Dentistry), and thankfully University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) has allowed me to take it there on September 16th/17th. I was hoping to see if there are any UDM dental students who could...
  17. 56101991

    Better lifestyle?

    Does endo or ortho offer a better lifestyle in general?
  18. 56101991

    What are Endodontic residencies looking for in applicants? (GPA, class rank, research, LORs, etc.)

    I'm interested in pursuing an endodontic residency and am curious what I should be doing to best prepare myself? Any help is appreciated
  19. A

    Endo programs that allow moonlighting

    Hello everyone, I was curious to find out which Endo residency programs are open to students moonlighting during weekends? I have heard of the following programs that do let you moonlight: NYU West Virginia Uni University of Connecticut Would appreciate it if we could create a list of...
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    Selling Acadental Typodont for CRDTS Prosthodontic and Endo Mankin Exam + Extra Endo teeth + burs

    Message if interested for pricing Used once for the 2015 CRDTS Fixed Prosthodontics and Endodontics Manikin Boards examination. Included: -Typodont with all breakaway quadrants and all new, unprepped Acadental teeth. Three extra #9's and one extra #5 dentoform teeth from acadental -23...