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  1. LittlePumpkin

    EPPP AATBS Materials for Sale (2018 & 2022 versions) workbooks & flashcards.

    Hi everyone, I used PrepJet, AATBS, and PsychPrep to study for the EPPP. I have the AATBS workbooks and full box of flashcards - all are intact with mild highlighting here and there. I used it privately for 3 months until I moved on to PrepJet then packed it up. These are the 2022 materials...
  2. R

    EPPP Study Materials for Sale - MAKE ME AN OFFER!! (***Passed on the 1st try!***)

    I have all of the following for sale (to be sold together): - all materials from PsychPrep - Mometrix EPPP Fundamentals (digital and hard copy) study guide - EPPP Flashcards (one set for each of the domains) - EPPP Study.com (print outs of all lessons, 300+ pages) - Modern Psychologist Study...
  3. SingingPhD

    2021 Edition AATBS EPPP materials: books and notecards

    Hi yall! just passed the EPPP (fiiinally!) and have the full 2021 AATBS book study materials and the full color-coded flashcards set. Books were originally $349, flashcards originally $199, plus taxes etc. So pre tax and shipping, $548. looking to sell them for $400? Or best offer I suppose...
  4. A

    For Sale Selling EPPP Study Volumes

    I passed the EPPP on my first try in July 2018! I only used these and took typed notes of what I read as my studying strategy. I'm Selling my 2017 AATBS Study Guide (All 7 Volumes) - Absolutely no highlighting, writing, or tears - The study charts at the end of each book are unused, and...
  5. P

    For Sale ALL SOLD! EPPP Study Materials (AATBS 2017, PsychPrep 2016)

    I passed and would like to sell AATBS 2017 and PsychPrep 2016 materials. I want to get rid of the materials quick so make an offer for whatever interests you! AATBS comprehensive study volumes(2017). AATBS exam strategies(2017). AATBS-comprehensive audiofiles (2018). PsychPrep Study Binder...
  6. M


    Hi- I’m looking to get my hands on the EPPP digital audio files or a CD of the EPPP lectures. Prefer AATBS or PSYCHPREP. Will pay fair price. Thanks-Melanie
  7. N

    2017 EPPP Study Materials For Sale

    I just passed the EPPP (first try, scaled score = 627) and am selling my AATBS prep books. I found these super helpful - these were the only prep materials I bought. One of the books has a bit of highlighting, otherwise just normal wear-and-tear from reading, but no writing. Books were $350...
  8. ItsNotMe_ItsYou

    PhD/PsyD EPPP - How to Prepare, Practice, & PASS

    I hope this thread can become a resource for anyone who is planning to take or retake the EPPP in the foreseeable future. To my knowledge, no such thread exists. I believe it would be beneficial to have one centralized location for future test-takers to discuss and share how to best prepare...
  9. C

    EPPP Materials for Sale

    Looking for materials.... Especially anything electronic. Also looking for PsychPrep's written materials. Thanks!
  10. A

    Multiple Unsuccessful EPPP Attempts :(

    I moved my whole life from paradise (San Diego) to upstate New York to complete my post doc and become licensed in New York. I completed my required supervised hours in October 2015, and since then, have unsuccessfully attempted the EPPP 4 times. In New York, a converted score of 75 is...
  11. M

    EPPP Taylor Study Method Prep in Pairs Partner?

  12. N

    Seeking: EPPP Study Materials and Practice Exams

    Hi all, I was recently notified that I am eligible to go through with the EPPP and Jurisprudence Exam. I bought the study volume from Academic Review and their flash cards, but I would appreciate if anyone can let me know if they are selling/giving away practice exams and/or other study...
  13. E


    HI, I am interested in purchasing EPPP STUDY material. [email protected]
  14. D

    EPPP Study materials 2015-Passed test with these!

    I have the AATBS Psychology EPPP Preparation Books, Volumes 1-6 comprehensively covering all material on the EPPP. These books are very detailed and provide excellent studying information. I also have the notecards it came with. I used these materials to study and passed the test! I also have...
  15. foreverbull

    PhD/PsyD EPPP Practice Tests Worth It?

    Probably about 4-6 months from taking the EPPP, and I have a set of practice materials handed down to me. My question is this: are online practice exams necessary? Financially it's a tight squeeze to try to pay $350-$500 for the online practice tests alone, and I have been a high-achieving...
  16. Locrytham

    2016 EPPP AATBS study materials for sale

    Hi! I just passed my EPPP last week and am selling my AATBS 2016 study materials (77th series? 78th? it's the latest one, with green covers). I have all six volumes - these have the Lifespan Development updated material. The Statistics and Test Construction volume has heavy underlying and...
  17. T

    AATBS materials for sale for EPPP

    Hi - I bought the AATBS Silver Package in January 2016 and just passed the EPPP with a great score. I'm selling the 2016 Comprehensive Study Volumes (original price $349) and Exam Strategies Package (original price $110) for $300 or best offer. The books are in pristine condition. I'll also...
  18. M

    NCE while preppin for EPPP

    Has anyone taken de NCE with study material for EPPP? I found out that I need the NCE exam in order to get the LMHC for a postdoc position, but Ive been studying since January for the EPPP with the goal of taking it on May(just to get it out of the way). I checked on the subjects it covers and...
  19. O

    2014 Academic Review books with DSM-5 updates

    I have the Academic Review books from 2014. DSM-5 updates included. There is highlighting and marks in the books. $175. I will pay shipping. Message me if you're interested.
  20. M

    For Sale EPPP AATBS Books and Mometrix flash cards from 10/2015

    I bought the Copper package from AATBS in 09/2015 (Exam Strategies Book, Overview & Orientation, Ethics and Professional Issues, clinical psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan Development, Learning Theory and Behavioral/Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions, Memory and Forgetting, Physiological...