1. F

    Social Media etiquette/protocols?

    Hey guys, I was about to quote an ignorant politician's tweet, call her a few curse words, and leave my opinion on why her statement is wrong. If you're wondering what she tweeted, she was basically saying wearing face masks during this pandemic is bad because excessive use of it can cause...
  2. HighlanderMD

    MD UC Riverside | School of Medicine, Class of 2023 - Facebook Group

    Hello All, This post is for those accepted to the MD class of 2023 at the UC Riverside School of Medicine. The medical students have a facebook page that can be found at: Log into Facebook | Facebook Please join the group if you are certain you will be a part of this medical school class, and...
  3. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's American International College MSOT Class of 2021

    Hi! I was accepted into AIC a couple of months ago. I'm now on a hunt for fellow class members, anyone committed to AIC for fall 2018? Comment below, let's start a fb page, I have so many questions LOL
  4. Welshman

    Using Facebook group to estimate class fullness

    As a neurotic pre-med a thought just popped into my head, since Facebook is ubiquitous in our generation could the official acceptance groups, run by the schools, be used to estimate how full the current class is/how many acceptees are actively considering the school? Of course this idea rests...
  5. akuko2

    Do you engage?

    Out of curiosity, when someone you know on social media posts something very ignorant in regards to medicine, do you try to engage in conversation or just ignore it?
  6. TelemarketingEnigma

    Etiquette For Joining Class Facebook Group?

    For people in the lucky position of having multiple acceptances (or one acceptance but future interviews), do you join the accepted students facebook group for schools where you're not 100% sure you'll attend? Or wait until you've committed somewhere and join only that one? I'm not...
  7. M

    When should I delete my Fbook?

    Hey! I just submitted my application for Fall 2017. Should I just bite the bullet and delete my fbook now, or should I wait till I get secondaries back? Thanks!
  8. OnePunchBiopsy

    ERAS: So begin the social media name changes.

    All my friends filling out ERAS for residency have started changing their names on Facebook. I have very stringent privacy setting on my profile. Two questions: 1.) Should I change my name? 2.) If I should change my name, what should I change it to? Please keep all responses professional (LOL)
  9. K

    UM-Flint: Connecting with accepted students

    Hello, I was recently accepted off the wait-list for UM-Flint (#5 originally, if anyone is curious) and am looking to connect with UM-Flint alum and other people in my new cohort. I'm curious if there's an existing facebook group, if PT student's typically live somewhere on campus (together)...
  10. F

    Privacy or publicity?

    With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Snapchat, etc. I think many people can be googled or searched on multiple social media sites. But the big question is, should I publicize everything I do on the internet or should I keep everything private? I've researched around some forums and it...
  11. R

    Good social media blocking apps?

    I'm looking for an app for my iPhone that disables Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I want to be able to access these apps during the evening, but not during the day while I should be studying. I'm sure everyone agrees that these apps are distracting, and like it or not, we are all a bit...
  12. K

    Shenandoah DPT Class of 2019

    Hey guys! Was wondering if anyone in the DPT SU class of 2019 has created a facebook page for us to get to know each other before class starts? And to help each other out with housing, the area, etc.? Maybe we could plan some socials to get to know each other before school starts
  13. pandadawn

    USD Sanford School of medicine -POTENTIAL CLASS OS 2020

    Hello everyone who applied to USD Sanford School of Medicine!! I will be attending this fall, and I wanted to reach out to others who know they are going (or still waiting to hear!). The big end-of-application-season meeting has just happened! :eek::nailbiting::heckyeah: So hopefully there...