failed exam

  1. C

    Other what are my chances of matching

    Hello, I am an IMG with step1-205/(1st attempt); step 2 CS-PASS (1st attempt); step 2ck- 215 (2nd attempt), 6yrs from graduation Strong research and administrative experience 2.5 publications, 1award, 1 USCE, 5+ Observerships Excellent LORs. excellent extracurriculars. No sponsorship...
  2. S

    First Failed Exam (Chemistry)

    I’m a freshman majoring in biology hoping to go to med school or grad school. I just got an F on my second gen chem 1 exam, my first failed college exam. I got a C on the first one. My overall grade is a C because of the homework and there’s still 2 more exams left. I studied harder for this...
  3. F

    Should I withdraw from CHEM 1?

    Hi All, Nontrad here, 28 YO married with 2 kids.. Just started chem 1 and bio 1 with labs. Doing well in BIO but I just failed my first CHEM 1 exam.. there are no other assignments in the class, just 4 exams.. Honestly, not only did I totally bomb the test, I'm completely lost in class and...
  4. E

    USMLEagle vs WolfPacc vs Pass-Program

    Hello, first-time poster sorry in advance....I failed my step one (185) and now to avoid getting kicked out of my house my parents are forcing me to attend an onsite course. I read through the forms some pro's and con's for the aforementioned programs but nothing seemed very up-to-date. Please...
  5. G

    Pay for a re-score on boards

    So I did not pass my peds boards (first time). BY 2 POINTS! My question is: Has anyone paid for the re-score ($250) and passed? Does this ever happen? I can accept the fact that I did not pass... but if I did not have to take the test again that would be awesome! Thanks! PS. If anyone else...
  6. blairww

    Did Anyone Else Bomb the ACS Gen Chem I Final?

    So I know that the averages are pretty low for the ACS finals (averages of about 50%), but I thought I could at least get a C+/B without any sort of curve. I just took the ACS Gen Chem I final today and definitely failed because I couldn't finish it on time. I did manage to bubble in D's for...
  7. A

    failed nbde part 1

    Hey everyone So i failed part 1 for the second time now and I feel insanely lost. I really thought I aced the exam and I dont know what I'm doing wrong. I was scoring high on the asda released papers and I knew the decks really well. Should I try to write it again? Will universities even...
  8. doe_eyed

    What is current 180 question 2016 NAPLEX like?

    Hi, So I'm very confused over the current state of the NAPLEX. I think it's great news that the exam won't officially be changing to the longer 240 question version until later this year. However, that still leaves me wondering what exactly the test is like now? I will be taking the NAPLEX...
  9. Mecidimes

    MS1 - Failed first test in Foundations course

    I'm a first-year medical student in Kentucky. Our class structure includes a Foundations course which I am currently taking, and it covers micro, immuno, pharm, and pathology, none of which I took in pre-med courses. I am certainly paying the price for not taking those courses, because despite...