fall 2017

  1. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Procrastinators Anonymous: End-of-Semester Catch-Up Encouragement Thread

    Hi I'm Sterling and I'm a procrastinator. It's catch-up season and have a few due dates approaching fast. Precalculus Project (Due tomorow) Precalculus Online test (Due tomorow at midnight) A few chapters of online chemistry activities (Due Dec 21st) 100 pages cof chemistry notes to review and...
  2. A

    freshman year schedule questions

    Hello, I'm going to be a freshman in the fall with the intention of being an IMS major, most likely pre-med. I just wanted some opinions on my schedule, because I have quite a bit of uncertainty regarding what classes to add, or which would be better to drop. I feel like I'm not doing enough...
  3. G


    Hey! I applied to GLEPI 4/5, and got in yesterday. Needless to say, I am pretty stoked! Does anyone know how this program compares to Harvard's/JH? What sort of opportunities have you gotten specifically due to being at Emory? Perks? I also got into Colorado School of Public Health (my state...
  4. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS Columbia University MSOT- Fall 2017

    :) Please comment below if you have applied, have heard anything, and your stats if you want to share. I applied on deadline date but received a confirmation that all my transcripts were received. Also if anyone currently attends CU, what are your thoughts on the school, cost and overall...
  5. D

    Northern Illinois University (NIU) DPT Class of 2020

    Hey everybody, I was just recently accepted to NIU and wanted to see who else was accepted/attending.
  6. D

    Did anyone else get into Northern Illinois DPT Fall 2017?

    I was just wondering if anybody has received their acceptance letter from Northern Illinois University's DPT Program starting the Fall 2017 semester?
  7. P

    USC School of Pharmacy - Class of 2021 (Fall 2017 applicants) - Official Thread

    Hello Everyone! It seems like the thread hasn't been created for USC Fall 2017 Applicants. If there is a thread already, please direct me to the link! If not: Please post any questions here and let's help each other out during this process :) My first question: Which school are you from?
  8. P

    USC School of Pharmacy - Class of 2021 (Fall 2017 applicants) - Official Thread

    Go to: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/usc-school-of-pharmacy-class-of-2021-fall-2017-applicants-official-thread.1228783/
  9. P

    USC or UOP fall 2017

    Hi, I have been accepted to multiple pharmacy schools and narrowed my choices down to UOP and USC. I know pharmacy is saturated so it is better to go with the name brand school -- USC -- in order to get a job? or just finish and get my degree early in 3 years at UOP with about 60-80k less in loans?
  10. E

    Program-Specific Info / Q's St. Augustine San Marcos Fall 2017

    I was just accepted to the MOT program at St. Augustine's San Marcos Campus for Fall 2017!! I just want to connect with anyone else who got in :soexcited:
  11. K

    Recommended Clinical & Volunteer Experience for Premed Postbac

    Hi! I am from the Philippines and earned my bachelor's degree from one of our top local universities. I am interested in applying for premed postbac for fall 2017 and would like to start working on the required experiences asap. I was just wondering do any of you know what is the recommended...